Saturday, November 03, 2012

Cloud Atlas (Drama 2012)

This movie was quite good, but it did have issues that held it back. We'll get to all that in a bit. The move was a bucket of confusion during the first 40% of it. It kept jumping in and out of so many stories during so many timelines that is was very difficult in getting everything straight. After a while it did reach a distinct point where everything started making more sense.

I can't even describe what the movie was about plot-wise because I don't really had a story and the peeps in them were related but its main purpose eluded me.

Acting was good, special effects were good, story was all over the place but still good, and music was excellent. During the end, the music integration and cinematography was perfect during a few key scenes.

The negatives were that for some viewers it was indeed too confusing with all the scene jumping...a lot of peeps will not like it because of that. But I'm sure after watching it a few times, things would start making sense for everyone. The main bad thing was that the make-up required to make some characters more "Asian" was laughable as they made everyone look like aliens, no joke. While watching it you were all like "this guy looks kinda familiar....oh wait...that's a shit ton of he supposed to be a mutant or just a white guy dressed up like an Asian". Unfortunately, it was the latter, and that made the whole New Seoul timeline seem way too odd. The badass guns during this future setting sorta made up for it though...

So after the 2.8 hour film, I was still confused as to some parts but overall it was a pretty good movie which will win some awards. I don't think it's good enough to win Best Picture, but it's still up there.
Rating - A