Sunday, October 21, 2012

This Green Hell by Greig Beck (Book 2012)

So here is another great story from Greig Beck. This Green Hell is the 3rd book in the series that follows around the exploits of Alex Hunter and his group of elite soldiers. Aimee Weir also returns in this story to add more depth to the interpersonal subplot. Like all Beck books, this one mixes in heart-pumping action with great writing, and a historical back drop.

In this adventure the team is in South America investigating a plague that has taken out a good chunk of the population in an isolated village. To make things interesting, a Green Beret detachment sent to the area was eliminated by something other than the virus. The main baddie in this story was a bit over the top in terms of its physical abilities, but it was a menacing villain indeed. Beck did an excellent job describing every pertinent detail of the environment and characters while keeping the story fresh and exciting. It was definitely one of those stories where “just one chapter more” easily turns into half the book being read.
Rating - High