Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo (Book 2010)

So this zombie book was only $.99. After reading the free first chapter I thought that it had an OK beginning so what they hay, let's try it.

To cut to the chase the story sucked, thus the book and the series I imagine is not worth it. I shall explain. The plot begins normally, with the onset of the zombie virus and civilization quickly crumbling. The main character saves his immediate family and bunkers down in his home that is within a walled community. Tangent: If you want to read about a good bunkering down book, I'd recommend Lights Out, which describes how a small community would fend off the collapse of civilization, minus the zombies. So yeah after reading that book and then reading this book, this one was very 'light' on the realism of all of the problems one would face by bunkering down. That and power/water still seemed to work pretty well which is a bit odd.

The main part of the plot that I didn't like was its supernatural addition of a zombie leader chick and the mystical 6th sense of one character. I like my zombie survival books plain and simple with fixed rules, not like the rules used in this book. So yeah I find no reason in continuing reading this series. I have to say the author's writing style for the main character was pretty relatable as he spent time describing exactly what was going through the speaker's head. Pretty interesting fellow, but it's not enough put a bunch of effort here while  giving less effort on the plot. The Amazon rating with this book is wrong; is it not very good.
Rating - Low