Monday, July 23, 2012

Android Jellybean OS

So I recently got the OTA upgrade for my Galaxy Nexus and everything seemed fine before I tried out Google Wallet. When I tried to access the program it gave me this error.

I tried clearing out the cache for the program, wiping my phone, etc. but no beans. Called Google Wallet Support, they've heard of the issue but had no fix, redirected me to the Google Hardware Team who had the same explanation, and finally I got to Samsung support who told me that the hardware got hosed and I would have to send the phone into support. Now I am a week without my Nexus and it sucks being on a standby piece of shit.

After reading a ton I found that this Secure Element Not Responding error happens when you OS upgrade your phone without logging out of Google Wallet and fully wiping your phone prior to the upgrade. It has something to do with the NFC (Near Field Communication) hardware that is on the battery and maybe the phone also which supposedly holds some encryption data concerning your account? I dunno...sounds reasonable but the fact that the programming will kill off your phone with an OTA OS upgrade is pure shit. They should've tested it more if this was even a possibility of happening. Unfortunately I am one of the rarer cases...