Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Raven (Horror Thriller 2012)

Well this movie was OK. It had a From Hell atmosphere going on but it was nowhere close to the same depth of story that the former had. John Cusack wasn't bad but he really wasn't that good of a Poe. You could totally tell that he was trying to act like an eccentric writer. Story was fair, same with the ending, so yeah it's not worth a rent but if it's free then green light.
Rating - C

Monday, July 23, 2012

Android Jellybean OS

So I recently got the OTA upgrade for my Galaxy Nexus and everything seemed fine before I tried out Google Wallet. When I tried to access the program it gave me this error.

I tried clearing out the cache for the program, wiping my phone, etc. but no beans. Called Google Wallet Support, they've heard of the issue but had no fix, redirected me to the Google Hardware Team who had the same explanation, and finally I got to Samsung support who told me that the hardware got hosed and I would have to send the phone into support. Now I am a week without my Nexus and it sucks being on a standby piece of shit.

After reading a ton I found that this Secure Element Not Responding error happens when you OS upgrade your phone without logging out of Google Wallet and fully wiping your phone prior to the upgrade. It has something to do with the NFC (Near Field Communication) hardware that is on the battery and maybe the phone also which supposedly holds some encryption data concerning your account? I dunno...sounds reasonable but the fact that the programming will kill off your phone with an OTA OS upgrade is pure shit. They should've tested it more if this was even a possibility of happening. Unfortunately I am one of the rarer cases...

The Dark Knight Rises (Action 2012)

So how was the movie of the summer? Eh...not as good as the second one. I'm sure you'll be hearing that over and over again because it's quite true.

This movie was almost everything you could wish for from a Christopher Nolan Batman film, but it did fall short in the end. The whole movie kept on building up for the ending and although it was fine, it just wasn't all that. As a movie it was solid and well done in all respects, but the hype from within the story made it seem like it was going to be an epic finale, which it was not.

The ending also left a bunch of room for more Batman films so yeah we'll see where that takes us. So overall kinda disappointing to be honest. Either way, props for what it was but it could've been much more.
Rating - A

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo (Book 2010)

So this zombie book was only $.99. After reading the free first chapter I thought that it had an OK beginning so what they hay, let's try it.

To cut to the chase the story sucked, thus the book and the series I imagine is not worth it. I shall explain. The plot begins normally, with the onset of the zombie virus and civilization quickly crumbling. The main character saves his immediate family and bunkers down in his home that is within a walled community. Tangent: If you want to read about a good bunkering down book, I'd recommend Lights Out, which describes how a small community would fend off the collapse of civilization, minus the zombies. So yeah after reading that book and then reading this book, this one was very 'light' on the realism of all of the problems one would face by bunkering down. That and power/water still seemed to work pretty well which is a bit odd.

The main part of the plot that I didn't like was its supernatural addition of a zombie leader chick and the mystical 6th sense of one character. I like my zombie survival books plain and simple with fixed rules, not like the rules used in this book. So yeah I find no reason in continuing reading this series. I have to say the author's writing style for the main character was pretty relatable as he spent time describing exactly what was going through the speaker's head. Pretty interesting fellow, but it's not enough put a bunch of effort here while  giving less effort on the plot. The Amazon rating with this book is wrong; is it not very good.
Rating - Low

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Spear of Seth (Tales of the Van Senmut College) by Rene Daniel (Book 2011)

This book was one that the author offered up for me to read, so I appreciate the opportunity. As always I'm never biased because of this, but I still got to point it out.

So the story in this one is very adventurous with lots of archaeological background. A few college kids get mixed up with some professors in an Egyptian dig and become intertwined in a story with many different characters, interests, and locales. They find a lost world and get to experience it a little before having to deal with some unsavory antagonists from their own past. As a first attempt at an adventure story I'd say that it was pretty good. There was enough content to keep the plot going and the historical background drew you into the setting.

There were negatives though. The first was that it was unbalanced in terms of time. During some events, the author should've spent a greater deal of time describing the situation, environment, etc, but instead the scene started and ended in a flash. Other times it was the exact opposite where unimportant scenes that had no bearing with the rest of the story kept on lagging on. Another negative was that in one scene an individual was able to learn English in the span of maybe a week. The ability of a person to be able to pull this off is unnatural and the reasoning was not explained. Next, this group of adventurers were able to wander into a random European village and discover a hidden/missing monastery/church that had never been touched in 400+ years? This strikes me as very odd. I can understand if it was hidden in a desert or inside of a mountain or something but these guys glided in a boat on a small river a few yards from the edge of a village and stumbled onto hidden history. This seems pretty unrealistic to me as many generations of children from this village must explored around in their youth and found something...

The book was pretty long so I think if the author would've fully described everything as he should have, the book would've ended up being some 900 page monstrosity. To alleviate this, less content but more detail would've assisted in making this story more enjoyable. Just a suggestion.
Rating - Mid

Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Hunger Games (Action Drama 2012)

So this movie was supposed to be pretty good, but I can't really agree with everyone else. It was OK I guess but nothing really spectacular. Jennifer Lawrence "acted" by essentially showing no emotion throughout most of her scenes. It was as if the director said "Ok...put a blank look on your face and do that for the next few hours". Plot was blah for a futuristic one and action was PC-13. Wanna watch something with more blood? Try Battle Royale. Oh well, sad thing was that I was kinda bored when watching this...and that never makes for a good film.
Rating - C

Friday, July 06, 2012

Hysteria (Romantic Comedy 2011)

This movie was a bit interesting; it was about the invention of the electric vibrator. Maggie Gyllenhaal made the movie shine as her acting skills are quite superb. The story itself was nice and light. Nothing too shabby, but it is set in the 19th century so everything is very English and formal. That era may bore a good number of viewers. Although it was an OK flick, I'm sure to forget it in a week.
Rating - C

Lockout (Action 2012)

Yeah this movie was a silly action flick that kinda sucked all around. Guy Pearce had some better-than-average lines but yeah that was about it. Special effects were fake as all hell and the story was nonexistent. This one is not even worth a rental.
Rating - D

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man (Action 2012)

It's been close to a decade since Tobey Maguire's Spider-man was released, and as I recall that was a pretty good movie at the time. This one was just as good if not better. It had excellent acting, special effects, and sometimes quirky dialog. Yeah Andrew Garfield, who plays Peter Parker, is one odd duck. Either he's like that in real life or is just a damn good actor.

The story for this one seemed more grounded in reality and less free-spirited like the main Spider-man trilogy. By this I mean that although kids would most certainly enjoy it, I think it was meant for an older crowd. I personally liked the change and from the current imdb rating shows, it looks like others did as well.
Rating - B

Sunday, July 01, 2012

God Bless America (Dark Comedy 2011)

As a mildly dark comedy, some parts of this movie were damn funny and rewarding. There wasn't really much of a story though...the actors just talked so they could set themselves up for the next kill. Didn't really bother me though. Overall it wasn't a great film, but the purpose of the story made sense. Just see the trailer to see if you share its sense of humor.
Rating - C