Sunday, June 03, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman (Action Adventure 2012)

Damn, after all these years Kristen Stewart has still not learned how to close her damn mouth. I find it so annoying that in almost every scene she's in, all you see are her two fat front rabbit teeth.

This movie had some pluses, like the visuals and the convincing atmospheric feeling, but the plot was choppy and the story was very lite. It had a lot of potential for character and story building but the director decided to make it into a very superficial film.

Charlize was an absolute nutter in the movie, but all she really did was yell a lot. Still, a testament to her acting skills, but the script still sucked.

The fighting scenes were cool as was the music during the battle sections but yeah too bad the rest of it was slow-going and dull. I left this movie not impressed...not one bit.
Rating - C