Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Diablo 3 (3rd Person Fantasy RPG PC Game 2012)

Wow it's sad to say but I really do think that my PC Gaming days are coming to a slow end. I still remember when the original Diablo got released and I rushed to the mall to pick up my copy. I actually found myself in a dork race through the parking lot with another unknown gamer as we power-walked to the front door. Those were definitely the glory days of gaming. Sadly that feeling is long gone; it just isn't as fun anymore.

But ignoring my personal issues, Blizzard did a great job in creating a very polished fantasy adventure with this one, but it just wasn't as enjoyable as the originals were. In old school RPGs you totally felt like you were in the world and personally invested, but in this one I was just clicking away with no care in the world. It was a very artificial feeling, but yeah it's a game right?

Gameplay was great though...everything was programmed in a way to enhance and speed up the process of killing mobs, getting back to town, selling, joining others' games, going to the AH to sell and buy stuff, then getting back into gaming. Never do you have to back-track and create a new character since you can have 8 of the same characters with the same names. Free re-specing as well. Love that. You can also share items between characters like in Torchlight. Chatting and many other aspects of the game are just like WoW...again they took what they know that works and integrated it into a more fun gaming experience.

Yesterday they turned on the real-money auction house. This is where you can sell your virtual items and get real money. Yeah you have a choice of either getting 30%+ of the sale price nabbed away before it can reach your Paypal account or you can leave it locked within but yeah money is still money. I'm sure they'll just tweak with the game like crazy to make it super hard to get any valuable drops.

So yeah I beat it on Normal mode which was way too easy...but my personality is the type to not replay games, especially single player ones. I'm finding 2nd round way too boring and tedious. They made the mobs harder and they scaled the drops up a bit...that's it. Playing with peeps you know makes it better, but it's overall the same click-fest. Unfortunately it's not enough to keep me going.
Rating - High