Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Coriolanus (Drama 2011)

So the trailer for this one was a total misrepresentation of what the movie actually was. What I'm pointing to is that all of the dialogue is spoken in Shakespearean English. I'm sure there is a real word for this, but for all of us commoners, it means it's just like sitting through English class in HS.

There was one pretty good gunfight scene and the rest of it was just a lot of talking. I probably only truly understood 40% of what was going on verbally and had to rely on facial expressions and body language to infer the rest...very annoying. The story at the end was stupid and the main character turned into a pussy. The only positive thing in the film was that it showed how much of a badass Ralph Fiennes is as an actor. He did an awesome acting job...too bad the rest of the movie was so disappointing and dull.
Rating - C