Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lights Out by David Crawford (Book 2010)

So my first comment is that the book was long; very very long. It seemed to drag on quite a bit as the main setting did not change and the characters were pretty stagnant in the beginning. Although the slow-moving story did eventually build up all of the primary characters, the whole book seemed too regimented on the daily life of the main character. I'm talking about the author writing that the character goes to sleep and then wakes up in the morning...over and over again.

The whole story is about an EMP going off over the United States, many electronics don't work anymore, including most cars, and society falling into turmoil. Although the premise was good, there are holes. Like an EMP from a single nuke can only realistically effect x square miles. Having the whole of the US blanketed in multiple EMP blasts is improbable because it would take hundreds of thousands of nukes. Next, if it was a terrorist attack that only happened to America, I'm sure we would be able to import in things like cars, radios, water pumps, etc. Essential services would be down for a while but everything could be brought back up after parts were shipped back into the US and replaced. We could even walk over to Canada or Mexico and buy parts that we needed.

So besides the few glaring holes in the plot, the overall story of survival, rule of law being lost, and coming together as a community was pretty good. The battle scenes were a bit unrealistic but we have to have our hero, right?

The only negative feeling I had towards the book was that it was written for an audience with a right-wing leaning stance on government, politics, and religion. He seemed to give his $.02 on the matter multiple times per chapter. I felt that it took away from a lot of the story...too preachy and it could've easily been left out.
Rating - Mid