Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Becoming by Jessica Meigs (Book 2011)

Even though I'd like to give this one more props, I just can't.

The weakness of this book comes from the 3 main characters and their awkward character development. You have a cop, an active duty Marine Corp officer, and an ex-IDF sharpshooter. Bad thing is that all of the characters were completely off kilter personality-wise. I know that people are different and one shouldn't categorize, but real people who have these occupations are usually leaders and alphas and would usually not behave in the manner they did in this story. The 3 characters seemed indecisive, inexperienced, and weak. I believe the author tried to write in emotional trauma, preoccupation, and stress as reasons why some characters were rude and hostile towards their compatriots, but it was just plain odd. So although it's great that a zombie book actually tried to build up its characters, the entire dialog going back and forth seemed awkward and unbelievable.

Either way, I think this was the author's first book, so good job for writing and publishing. But there is a lot of work to be done for any future books in this genre. More research is needed and maybe "meeting" a few military officers or cops and taking note of their personalities. Some odd spoiler examples that were unbelievable were that the cop didn't seem to know what he was doing at all. He seemed flustered at every situation he encountered and had no idea what to do. He behaved like a regular person or a rookie cop out of training but it was weird since the story had said that he had just gotten promoted in his PD. The Marine surrendered his pistol way too quickly and the fact that he abandoned his post is a bit disturbing as well. Also, where is his rifle? He seemed to only be running around with a pistol most of the time. As for the sharpshooter, the IDF character didn't use her rife much at all. I think she shot it around 5 times only. Lastly, who keeps guns locked up in a case during any sort of zombie event? I don't see that happening...ever.
Rating - Low