Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Iron Lady (Drama 2011)

Although film itself was pretty well-done, I didn't really like the whole setting of the 'current' Margaret Thatcher in her old age with hallucinations and memory loss. It seemed to detract away from the core of the film which was to show how much of a badass she was during her time in office.

But yeah as a movie it was pretty good, although if you really think about, it really didn't show a lot. Meryl Streep did an excellent job btw...totally deserved her Oscar.
Rating - B

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lights Out by David Crawford (Book 2010)

So my first comment is that the book was long; very very long. It seemed to drag on quite a bit as the main setting did not change and the characters were pretty stagnant in the beginning. Although the slow-moving story did eventually build up all of the primary characters, the whole book seemed too regimented on the daily life of the main character. I'm talking about the author writing that the character goes to sleep and then wakes up in the morning...over and over again.

The whole story is about an EMP going off over the United States, many electronics don't work anymore, including most cars, and society falling into turmoil. Although the premise was good, there are holes. Like an EMP from a single nuke can only realistically effect x square miles. Having the whole of the US blanketed in multiple EMP blasts is improbable because it would take hundreds of thousands of nukes. Next, if it was a terrorist attack that only happened to America, I'm sure we would be able to import in things like cars, radios, water pumps, etc. Essential services would be down for a while but everything could be brought back up after parts were shipped back into the US and replaced. We could even walk over to Canada or Mexico and buy parts that we needed.

So besides the few glaring holes in the plot, the overall story of survival, rule of law being lost, and coming together as a community was pretty good. The battle scenes were a bit unrealistic but we have to have our hero, right?

The only negative feeling I had towards the book was that it was written for an audience with a right-wing leaning stance on government, politics, and religion. He seemed to give his $.02 on the matter multiple times per chapter. I felt that it took away from a lot of the story...too preachy and it could've easily been left out.
Rating - Mid

Perfect Sense (Drama 2011)

This movie was one of those artsy ones so be forewarned. The story was compelling enough: a disease starts spreading where peeps have some sort of emotional outburst and then lose one of their 5 senses, starting with taste. It follows the drama of 2 peeps who hook up around this time.

The artsy part is where people learn to adapt and deal with the loss of x number of senses. The ending was good as was the instrumental score during the last section but yeah as for the rest of the movie...I dunno.
Rating - C

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Carnage (Comedic Drama 2011)

This was an odd film where the 4 actors essentially talk in a living room for a little more than an hour. I'm not sure why I didn't even notice it, but the setting never changed and no other characters were ever inserted. I read later that it was based on a theater skit so that would make sense.

Dysfunctional would be the right word to describe everyone. At first the two couples were pretty polite and cordial but little by little the characters would make small comments which would start shit and then it spiraled downwards from there. By the end the characters were totally uninhibited and it was just a barrels of laughs. It was a pretty damn funny movie to be honest. Weird premise but very funny.
Rating - B

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mass Effect 3 (3rd Person Action RPG PC Game 2012)

So this game was supposed to be the end-all-be-all of the year. Its 2 predecessors were absolutely sick, so Bioware had a lot to live up to. Did they? Yes, but only up until the last 15 minutes.

If you played through the first and second games you know how everything is. Fun shooting, lots of story, and more and more story. All of this was the same so not much changed there. The ending battle really got your blood pumping...super exciting just like a movie and/or a Modern Warfare game. But then you got to the end.

People were already complaining about the ending before I even was half through, so I skillfully ignored all of those articles and postings and trudged on. When I got to the ending I thought the last decision would actually be the first part of a few more, but when the credits started rolling I finally realized what everyone else was referring to. What a crap ending. Nothing was explained, no prior choices made a difference, and the last choice was worthless. It blew; and as a player you just felt robbed considering how fun the first 2 games/endings were.

Supposedly the devs are making a new ending, but we'll see if that happens or not. I don't think I've ever seen any game company really give a shit after they've made their money. But even with the shit ending, the rest of the game was great. Sad to see the series end.
Rating - High

J. Edgar (Drama 2011)

For a historical film this one was just blah. Maybe it's because the character was boring but yeah it was a very mellow movie and didn't do much else than make me sleepy.

DiCaprio is still a good actor but I do think it's all about the character since he seemed much better in The Aviator. J. Edgar seemed like a snooty bastard who liked spying on people...what a guy. Not enough to make a whole movie about him I don't think. People did talk funny back in those days though...
Rating - C

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Grey (Drama 2011)

Although this movie got pretty good ratings on IMDB, I didn't think it was that good. It's a survival film following around a small group of survivors from a plane crash as they try to get to civilization while a pack of wolves pick them off one by one.

First off I wonder if wolves are really this making sneak attacks into a camp to try to drag off some victim. Nutty if so. More reason not to go camping aye? Secondly, the rest of the story didn't really prod me into a more positive mood after you figure out that they were purposely axing off all of the characters one by one. I think the main purpose of the film was to say something about human resilience and mental endurance and stuff but to me it was just a movie where many people get sniped and the ending was, of course, cut so you don't really know what happened although you could easily guess.
Rating - C

Young Adult (Comedic Drama 2011)

This movie was an odd one. Charlize played a chick who goes back to her hometown to "win back" her Ex who is happily married and has just got a baby. The whole film made you feel weird because of what the main character was trying to do. Many scenes were super uncomfortable and yeah it was an overall mess. The climax of the film was pretty intense but the ending was kinda a flop.

This movie was yet another one that didn't really have a purpose. I dunno what the point of it all was. The main character was hella immature and still a bitch? I don't know what else could be said.
Rating - C

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Becoming by Jessica Meigs (Book 2011)

Even though I'd like to give this one more props, I just can't.

The weakness of this book comes from the 3 main characters and their awkward character development. You have a cop, an active duty Marine Corp officer, and an ex-IDF sharpshooter. Bad thing is that all of the characters were completely off kilter personality-wise. I know that people are different and one shouldn't categorize, but real people who have these occupations are usually leaders and alphas and would usually not behave in the manner they did in this story. The 3 characters seemed indecisive, inexperienced, and weak. I believe the author tried to write in emotional trauma, preoccupation, and stress as reasons why some characters were rude and hostile towards their compatriots, but it was just plain odd. So although it's great that a zombie book actually tried to build up its characters, the entire dialog going back and forth seemed awkward and unbelievable.

Either way, I think this was the author's first book, so good job for writing and publishing. But there is a lot of work to be done for any future books in this genre. More research is needed and maybe "meeting" a few military officers or cops and taking note of their personalities. Some odd spoiler examples that were unbelievable were that the cop didn't seem to know what he was doing at all. He seemed flustered at every situation he encountered and had no idea what to do. He behaved like a regular person or a rookie cop out of training but it was weird since the story had said that he had just gotten promoted in his PD. The Marine surrendered his pistol way too quickly and the fact that he abandoned his post is a bit disturbing as well. Also, where is his rifle? He seemed to only be running around with a pistol most of the time. As for the sharpshooter, the IDF character didn't use her rife much at all. I think she shot it around 5 times only. Lastly, who keeps guns locked up in a case during any sort of zombie event? I don't see that happening...ever.
Rating - Low

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Remains of the Dead by Iain McKinnon (Book 2011)

I've read many-a-zombie books in my day and this one goes in the crap pile. The story was very weak as it followed around 3 guys and a baby as they try to wait for a chopper while moving. Yeah I dunno how much sense that makes. If I knew a chopper was coming for me, I'd stay put but these guys thought it would be a great idea to start traveling.

There was one extra character who had his own little sub-plot even though his portion didn't play into the main plot at all. I really don't know why this was added as it served absolutely zero purpose.

The book had a very abrupt ending that didn't close out anything in terms of what happened to the main characters. I guess there could be a sequel to this but really...what the fuck is the point when the story itself was such boring shit.
Rating - Low

Bridesmaids (Comedy 2011)

This movie was pretty good. It wasn't as funny as others I've seen but there were a few scenes that were quite memorable. People who know me will know what I'm talking about. I'm chuckling just thinking of it lol.

The story was good but it didn't keep up with the same intensity meaning that it went from funny to boring to funny again to weird to the end. If they would've kept the humor consistent then it would've been a better film.

It did make me laugh a good number of times though so yeah it's worth a watch but it could've been better.
Rating - B