Sunday, February 05, 2012

Tablets vs Netbooks

So I've also been able to play with an Android Transformer tablet for almost half-a-year now. I always wondered what the novelty of these devices were but yeah after messing with one and a few iPads at work, I still don't know why people like them. As for netbooks I've messed with quite a few of these and they all have sucked.

First off a smaller 12" or 13" ultrabook laptop kicks the shit out of any netbook because let's face it. An Atom processor is way too slow for multitasking and the small-ass keyboards on netbooks suck too bad. Having a 10" viewing screen is way too small and yeah they overall suck. Sure it may be cool to carry them around since they are so small but from a usability standpoint they are not laptops. I can't find one single reason why netbooks will survive much longer on the market because they just aren't fun to use and an average person will always require a large, faster machine.

Next we come to tablets. When I first played with one I thought that it may be a new way to read PDFs because that is one thing an e-ink Kindle does not display well. So I loaded up a PDF book and went to reading it on a tablet. It's good that you can do the whole zoom-pinch thing and wander around the page with your finger but overall it still hurts my eyes, it's laggy, and seems awkward. For a portable web-browsing tool it's OK but it's still inferior to a regular laptop/mouse. The only 2 things that I can see it being good for is:
  1. Well-written apps that serve a specific purpose. By this I mean and well-programmed financial app (for charts or stocks and such) or perhaps some game for kids or video chatting.
  2. Watching TV shows and movies...much better than watching on a phone.
But yeah besides those two things, a computer is still better. Trying to do computer tasks on a tablet = clunky & slow. Try typing a real email or editing an excel spreadsheet. You can't tell me a laptop can't do it better and faster.