Sunday, February 05, 2012

iOS vs Android

So I've been using an iPhone 4s for a few months now and I have to say that it really isn't better than an average Android phone. The iPhone had some really annoying battery bugs in the beginning and it also has this odd "first call audio will fail" thing going on. The battery bug was fixed in a patch but the first call problem still happens. Essentially it means that whenever I make a call from my phone, I will be unable to hear the speaker on the other end or even the phone ringing. I have to push the speakerphone button to hear anything and then I can swap back. Another way to get around this is the hang up and call back after the initial call = no audio. Weird. So yeah I think Apple still beats out Android manufacturers in patches since they do constantly patch their OS but it still has problems.

I don't own shit in terms of Apps on my iPhone because they cost money. When I had my Android I was always playing with new apps because they were either functionally free or I got 'em that way via the Amazon android store. It just seems more convenient on an Android as searching for new Apps on an iPhone is a bore.

The iPhone also has all of the problems that the Android had meaning unresponsive keys, freezes, necessary reboots, etc.

The main thing that is annoying about the iPhone is the fact that you can put data in (via lame iTunes) but you can't get data out....i.e. a movie. I'm sure it has to do with their anti-piracy policy but it hinders productivity. It was always easier to just install an FTP server app on an Android device and upload away. So yeah when March comes along I'll be handing down my iPhone 4s and will be buying whatever the newest Android is. Perhaps this way my phone will seem like a useful tool again.

But I will give props to the quick picture-taking abilities of the phone as well as the solid mute & volume keys. It does feel like a much more solid device. Sad how everything inside sucks. The screen is also too small. iMessage is pretty cool software-wise though if you are IMing another iPhone. But these pluses are not enough to keep me interested.