Monday, February 20, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Drama 2011)

It's funny, when you think you don't want to watch a movie just because you think it'll suck, you should really just watch it to verify because you may not know what the fuck you're talking about. This movie is a prime example of this phenomena as I almost deleted it without even watching it.

All I knew about this film was that the trailer was OK and that it was based on a popular book. The movie started out slow but it quickly picked up turning into one of the best ones I've seen this year. Very good story and excellent acting, but it was hella graphic in terms of sex and rape violence. Nutty but not too over the top. The scenes were directly related to the story so that's better than what Hollywood usually does.

If I had Netflix I'd try out the Swedish version and see how that is. I've read that it's better than the US version. But either way I think Rooney Mara did a great, convincing job. She has a crazy good accent in it as well.
Rating - A