Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Dig by Michael Siemsen (Book 2011)

So the story on this one was pretty interesting. The main character is this kid who is able to touch objects and know the history of its past owners. The story starts when he is given a piece of metal and is then transported into a humanoid's body that inhabited the earth during or before the dinosaur period.

The basis for the story was a good one but the whole naming of the characters in the "past" world sucked. I'm sorry it's hard to characterize a person named I-Pin or O-Wr. Jack or Alice would've done quite well. Hell I could even make up fantasy names like Shrilka or Damko or Krellsoni which would've been an improvement. Friggin' anything could've been better than what I had to wade through.

So yeah as stated the premise was good and the story was also good (present time). But everything having to do with the pre-history civilization was pretty crappy and a lot of that was because of the naming. Fix that shit if you want to sell more books.
Rating - Mid