Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Earth (Drama 2011)

This movie was hella boring. It tried to be all artsy and slow such but really it was just a crappy movie. Story goes like this. HS chick gets drunk, drives and kills a University professor's wife and son. She goes to jail for x number of years and gets out. Finds the professor, acts like a worker for cleaning service to gain entrance into his house, goes back and cleans some more, eventually fucks him, then tells him that she was the person who was the drunk that wiped out his family. WTF. Of course you saw this plot coming from a mile away but really...WTF.

The ending had something to do with forgiveness and redemption but really all I could think was that she boinked him...super messed up. The chick can't act either; needs a haircut as well.
Rating - D

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Greyfriar by Susan & Clay Griffith (Vampire Empire, Book 1) (Book 2010)

I didn't think too much of this book when I started reading it but by the end I was pretty hooked into the plot. The story takes place in an alternative historical setting where vampires have taken over most lands of the north...so Europe, the US, Japan, etc. The atmosphere is very steampunk with airships, guns, and swords. Late 1800s is the ballpark era.

On some levels it feels like a teen chick story because of the romance involved but then the fight scenes and drama are more graphic and mature so I'm not sure where it truly lies. All I know is that the story and characters are interesting enough and I'll probably continue one with the next book.
Rating - High

Waiting for 'Superman' (Documentary 2010)

So this movie was kinda interesting although it was highly skewed towards one side. Essentially it goes into how our public school system is hosed and how we have many bad teachers employed because they can't be fired because of unions.

Lots of different forum postings and teachers I've spoken to have given other viewpoints but yeah like politics, there is no real solution because there is too much red tape for things to be done.

All I know is that I was shuffled through many public and private schools in my day and I really didn't notice that much of a difference. You got some good teachers, a few bad ones, but most are just average. In class you had some smart students, a bunch of average ones, and a whole shitload of crappy ones. Just as long as you don't live in the ghetto, I think any student would be OK if they tried and didn't get preggers.
Rating - B

Green Lantern (Comic Action 2011)

Ryan Reynolds should stick with comedies. He doesn't quite cut it with action movies at all. Yeah this movie was more blah than anything else. I wasn't really a fan of the Green Lantern in comic books so that might've had something to do with it.

Acting wasn't good at all, action was the same old stuff, and the villain was too CG. Give it a few days and I'll forget ever seeing this one.
Rating - D

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (Action Drama 2011)

So the final Potter movie was finally watched by yours truly. I think "anticlimactic" would be a good description. The whole series was a nice ride, and although this last one did have a lot of action, it didn't feel as extraordinary as it could've been.

Acting by all the primaries were all the same. It'll be funny to see if the red-headed kid will ever get anymore gigs right? But yeah the special effects were good, as expected, but the plot was hella rushed. It was action, action, action, ending. Hella fast with barely any real dialog. I barely remember reading this last book so it was all new to me but yeah it seemed way too fast and too much scrunched together. Oh well. OK ending to a long series but it didn't go out with a pimp bang as LOTR did.
Rating - B

The Mechanic (Action 2011)

This was definitely not one of Statham's best moments. I'm sure it's because he had this loser of a co-pilot, Ben Foster, on screen with him. I don't like this guy's face...really plain and boring-looking. Dunno how this clown ever became an actor. But yeah this movie didn't have any cool Audi's like in the Transporter series so thus it kinda sucked. They replaced cool suits and cars with New Orleans and trucks. How about no.

Action was still OK but not as good as others. Can't really go recommending this one as it was highly forgetful.
Rating - C

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Action Drama 2011)

This was a pretty good movie. Great intro to the whole series. James Franco was surprisingly good but the rest of the actors were unimpressive. Malfoy was in it so that was super annoying but at least he got his in the end. The regulations & science behind some of the decisions made by Franco's biotech company are questionable...I'm sure more approvals would realistically have to happen in order for various testing to occur on humans and such but yeah kinda scary if science labs can really produce crazy viruses and such. That's totally how zombies are gonna get created :-)
Rating - B

Friday, November 04, 2011

The Thing (Horror 1982)

In general I rarely, if ever, watch old movies. Most of them usually suck and they seem oh so generic. But boy was I surprised when I finished watching this one. 1982 yo...I was a super small tyke back then.

So yeah this movie had Snake in it back when he was much younger. Don't know how to fully explain it but this was a different type of storytelling that was very good even though they didn't have any of the newfangled CG that films these days have. A lot of the alien scenes were pretty cool as well as I have no idea how they made stuff happen in terms of robotic animation. I'm sure they actually had artists make the "creatures" and also build the walking alien things. Probably took a bunch of skill back then. But yeah the special effects were awesome when you think about what year they made it in. Suspense, drama, and gore were all there as well. Nothing really bad about the film at all. Thoroughly entertaining. I watched this cuz I saw that they were doing a remake and most reviewer said to just watch the original as the new one didn't really add anything.
Rating - B

Whiteout (Action Thriller 2009)

You know this review almost didn't happen since I had totally forgot that I had watched this movie lol. Yeah not memorable at all. This is one of those that you watch and you promptly forget because it was sorta boring. Even though Kate Beckinsale was in it, it's hard to cancel out a bland plot. Nothing more to say about it...Antarctica>a murder>most people evaced>find the killer & solve the mystery.
Rating - D