Saturday, September 24, 2011

1944 Finnish VKT M39 Rifle

So here it is, a Finnish M39. After researching around one day, I found a pic of this rifle and thought that it looked mighty handsome. I then noticed that the magazine area looked exactly like my old Mosins, so I investigated further. Turns out that Finland used to be part of Russia before the Bolsheviks took over, and after they did, the country declared independence and confiscated all weapons in state armories located on their land. Most of the rifles were Mosins so they started working on improving them. There were other Finnish rifles that still looked like the regular M91/30s, but the M39 was the last iteration of those improvements.

As you can see the main difference is the wood near the handguard as well as the front sight post. The front sight is great on this rifle, even better than a more modern AK. It has 2 screws on each side of the sight. If you want to move the windage to one direction, all you need to do is unscrew it a bit on one end and then screw the other end tighter. They seem to hold pretty well as well so no apparent need for loctite.

The whole wood stock has actually been redone. The upper handguard is totally different as it is made up of a top wood portion with 2 metal bands that are screwed in. The main bulk of the stock is of much better quality and the grip area has an early 'pistol grip' mold as opposed to the straight stock of a Mosin.

What the Finns did was keep the receiver, magazine well, buttplate, and trigger assembly. Everything else they replaced such as: all the wood, front and rear sight, barrel, and bands. Finnish barrels are known to be very accurate and I can certainly attest to this fact. The rifle has lug for a knife-looking bayonet but supposedly it is hard to find a real bayo for this rifle. There are reproductions though so watch out.

So yeah I bought this rifle on a whim. If I would've thought more about all the reasons I personally sold off all my other Mosin-Nagants, I would've convinced myself to not purchase this, but the price was good and pictures were great.

  1. The Finns made the trigger a 2-stage one like a modern Glock. This definitely makes shooting accurately much easier; it has a very clean break.
  2. The rifle is definitely more accurate than my old M38 and 91/30.
  3. The front-sight is very easy to adjust.
  4. The overall sight picture is better than a Mosin.
  5. It looks great!
  1. The rifle is still heavy as fuck. Just around 10lbs and yeah it just sucks if you want to shoot accurately but are either standing or are on a knee. If you are shooting at a range with a benchrest then yeah this would be a great target rifle.
  2. The Finns were unable to do anything to improve the action of the bolt. You still have to slap it hard like any other Mosin; remains lightyears away from the smoothness of a Mauser.
In a one-liner fashion, if you're even remotely looking at getting a Mosin-Nagant for a reason different from just putting rounds down range, you should really just look into a Finn M39. Paying $240-$350 as opposed to a $90 Nagant is totally worth the price difference in my opinion. There are just so many small issues with the M91/30 that end up being very annoying and you'll probably end up selling it anyway. There is always a chance for a historical find as well. My Finn was made on a hex receiver and it was marked with a R for Remington. Very rare even in the M91/30 world.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

America The Dead (White Flag of the Dead Series) by Joseph Talluto (Book 2011)

And the series marches on. I think he will have a 4th book coming out soon so hopefully I won't have to wait too long to continue with the story. This 3rd book picked up with John Talon as he set out on a new mission to save America from a new, evil antagonist. I can't say that I enjoy having this new character around though. Sure it does give purpose to the story but something about it rubs me the wrong way. Perhaps it's because he is so blatantly bad and a rapist to boot.

This book seemed to be not as exciting as the other two, especially the first book. I think things always get a bit boring when zombie apoc survivors settle down, stop running, and try to build a community. All that jazz is a little too mundane for an avid zombie reader like myself.

So yeah the writing style and story was good, but a bit bland. It also seemed short as well, as I cleared it in under 2 days with some light reading. Hopefully more action happens in the next few books.
Rating - Mid

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Company Men (Drama 2010)

I liked this movie. It was an accurate depiction of what can happen when one loses their job and is subsequently unemployed afterwards. Yeah talking to people who have never truly been unemployed can be one of the most annoying things to go through. They just don't know what the fuck you're talking about can cannot relate at all. Anyone who has been unemployed for any long period of time should know what it feels like: it's something that seriously eats at your soul while you sit there scraping by for any hint of a job, whatever the wage/salary.

But yeah this movie was about a few guys who gave their all for a company that ended up fucking them over in the end. Ben Affleck's character I couldn't give two shits about even though he was the primary because seriously...who buys a Porsche Boxster? If you're going to get a Porsche to be a DB, get a 911 like a real man. Anyway Affleck's character was obviously not very wise when it came to money. He bought a house that he could totally not afford with his salary and then he didn't have any real equity in it because why? I'm sorry if you make $120K + should be able to put in some equity on a house right? Yeah so he loses his job, then his house, then he has to move back in with his folks. All this happens in a matter of months. This guy was a fool with his money so it's hard to feel sorry for him.

As for the other 2 main characters, they were more well off so it wasn't as bad, but yeah it was pretty depressing seeing them go through demeaning interviews and moping around after being canned. I think if someone made a real documentary of this phenomenon in America, it would be a much better movie. But unfortunately this is all we got in the realm of cinema.

In looking at the core of it, being unemployed and either bombing or not getting any interviews makes one feel like a loser...a total loser. You keep thinking back to your old jobs and how you thought, and probably were, useful and important in some way. But after you apply to the black hole known as, it starts eating at you after the first 2 weeks and it just gets worse as your savings dwindle.

The end of this film was hopeful but yeah that was about it. It was overall kinda depressing but it did have some good parts/lessons.
Rating - B

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Dying to Live: Last Rites by Kim Paffenroth (Book 2011)

So thankfully this was the last book of the series. When you look at it as just a story, then it isn't all that bad, but when you look at it as a zombie apoc book then yeah it's all full of shit.

The story in this book follows around the main zombie characters who have maintained some semblance of their intelligence. They meet up with many others who are not mindless, and that throws the whole "world" into a loop. Either way the author does a good job telling the story from the zombies' point of view so that's good, but yeah it's hard to not look at this as a zombie apoc book and the last part of a series. Overall the whole series is not worth reading, but as a standalone book was fair.
Rating - Mid