Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thor (Action 2011)

This comic book adventure wasn't half bad. One good thing they did was that they kept a lot of the action is Asgard and not on crappy Earth. I hate it when a movie base its plot on Earth when it's supposed to be a Sci-fi-like movie just to save money. The most memorable film that did this was Star Trek IV. So this film wins points by not screwing with the trailer to trick the viewer.

Anyway, the main character, Chris Hemsworth, seemed like a jolly guy. It's good to see that him being an ass at the beginning was really just acting. His attraction towards Portman did seem a bit fake though. Not a lot of chemistry there from what I could see but Portman did try to make it work. The rest of the movie was enjoyable to watch...nice summer flick.
Rating - B