Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (Comedy 2011)

I'll save you some minutes of your life. This movie sucked ass...totally a bore. It should never have been created.
Rating - F

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Biohazard by Tim Curran (Books 2011)

I thought I would stray away from the zombie genre and get to some other post-apoc fiction. This one was a random book I picked out that had some good ratings, but other than that, I knew nothing of the author or his previous works.

In a nutshell this book wasn't for me and I'd be hard pressed to find others who genuinely liked it. The plot was average, but the author spent so much time describing in detail how deformed various people were with their pustules bursting with green/black fluid and bloody mucus leaking out of every hole... Very descriptive, but it took up way too much space. I'm all for gore and such, but when you use it in every other sentence, it numbs you out right quick.

But as the story dragged on, this normal post-apoc plot went renegade and popped in some supernatural stuff. This ruined it for me. Post-apoc stories are supposed to be realistic, not spiritual, unless this was stated beforehand which it wasn't. So yeah I couldn't wait to be done with this book. It was pretty boring, broke the laws of current science, and was overall without substance.
Rating - Low

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Action 2011)

So the grapevine said that the movie sucked...I would disagree. This Transformers movie was just like the other 2 which I liked. It had cars, action, explosions, and more action. What were the naysayers wanting?

As any movie series drags on, I do think that none of them will ever reach the pinnacle that the first one did. I think this is because the 1st of a series always has good character-building as opposed to later films that assume that the audience already knows all of the characters and heads straight-on into the plot.

For this film they introduced a new Autobot: Sentinel Prime. I think his sub-story could've been expanded on 10 fold. But instead the action was more important and they glossed over everything relating to the character's past. See the thing is I think if they actually went into the backstories a bit more, this movie could've been something much greater than just an action flick. Either way it was worth seeing but know what your expectations are.
Rating - B

Sunday, July 17, 2011

X-Men: First Class (Action 2011)

Wow I wasn't expecting this movie to be as good as it was but's nice to be surprised every few months. This movie was probably the best X-Men movie yet.

It actually had a story believe it or not. The action was impressive, of course, but the rest of what makes a movie good was all integrated inside of this one. You got the beans of Xavier and Magneto before they became the heads of their two factions and you got to see the development of Mystique and how she turned. After watching the film I had to look up a bunch of characters since I was not familiar with a bunch of 'em but yeah. It seems as though they created a new timeline with these characters as many of them had stories that were not in line with the comics. Either way, they did a good job.
Rating - A

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Living With the Dead: Year One by Joshua Guess (Books 2011)

First I'll give some props to the group of writers who probably worked tirelessly to bring this book to fruition. Any reader can totally tell that a bunch of effort was put into it, but unfortunately as a book I didn't find it fully engaging. For this writer, the blog format just doesn't work. The emotional effects of reading action real-time is the same like in a movie. You become entranced in what is happening as you don't know if someone is going to get ambushed by zombies or whatnot. But in a blog format you know that the character is sitting there writing so he's good to go in that respect. I guess the point is that there is a stark difference between talking about events using the past tense and talking about them using the present tense. It is just not that exciting.

This book was actually very long. It took me a good number of weeks to get through the whole thing. I was casually reading off and on but it still was long. That's a very good thing; you get your money's worth via your Kindle. You got to know some primary characters pretty well by the time you get to the end of the book so the empathy thing is there but yeah the action and story did not blow my socks off.

I have a few complaints but these all are personal ones. Others may find my points irrelevant but that's OK. First off the characters use a blog, cell phones, and laptops to update their life after the fall of civilization. A lot of their reasoning is that the smart people at Google found a way to essentially hack into the whole of the Internet to keep billions of computers and servers up and functioning. Umm no. Even if they did have some excellent hackers there is still no way you can keep up such a vast network remotely. Too many things are dependent on having people on-site IT-wise even if they had a fully virtualized system. I'm mainly referring to the local ISPs and their network. The second thing is the cellular network and power. Same rules apply here as well. To keep electricity flowing and to keep the cell network up it takes too many resources that again, need to be real people doing the work. I'm sure that if you could control a robot body that then it could be possible but we are currently nowhere near that level of technology.

So yeah those were my complaints. There were other small things that annoyed me but for the most part it was a good read and worth the money. I just find the main framework of the characters' communication and power network flawed because it just wouldn't happen that way.
Rating - Mid

Monday, July 04, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau (Sci-Fi Drama 2011)

This movie was a bit different from the norm. It was actually not bad though. It had a Dark City feel to it without having it be that grey. The whole plot actually had a pretty positive streak to it. The premise did have a slight religious purpose to it but thankfully it was one in a way that had zero to do with religion. Props to that technique. Either way decent movie even though it's forgettable.
Rating - B