Sunday, June 26, 2011

Priest (Fantasy Action 2011)

This movie was based on a graphic novel and that fact indeed shows as there is a superficial story with close to zero character development. Paul Bettany tends to have a lot of these roles. The movie Legion comes to mind.

So yeah you have this priest who goes out of a mega-city (Very Judge Dredd-like) and bumps into Vampires who are supposed to be all dead or in "reservations". He investigates more and finds out that a new vamp army is headed to the cities and goes on a hunt to stop the baddies.

The action was OK at some parts but again there was a crappy story so it kinda didn't matter much. The film seemed to concentrate around about 7 fight scenes that had a bunch of special effects and CG. The story was just filler.
Rating - D

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Captivate Official Froyo 2.2 Upgrade Method

So for one reason or another I can't upgrade to the Official AT&T Froyo using Kies Mini from their main site here. Perhaps it's because I have Win7 x64 or maybe because Samsung sucks some nuts. Either way in lieu of this deficiency, I was able to get the official 2.2 update from the instructions written here. In a nutshell you download the actual 184MB update file and download a different version of Odin.
  1. Use Odin one-click to get phone back to stock
  2. Ensure that all drivers are A-OK with connecting the phone to the puter in USB debugging mode
  3. Turn off phone and restart computer.
  4. On the computer get the Odin3 v1.0 up
  5. Extract the Update ZIP and put the .tar file on the PDF area on Odin.
  6. Put together the Captivate with the battery and cover, hold down both volume keys, then plug the USB into the captivate (The USB cord is already supposed to be connected to the computer).
  7. Odin should detect the phone under a COM3 or COM7 or some other sort of COM port. When you see yellow push that Start button then you're off to the races.
Now I'll be selling this piece of shit Captivate with its broken-ass GPS hardware. Good riddance.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Rango (Animated Adventure 2011)

So this movie was a bit weird. All of the characters were animals and they were all drawn very oddly. I mean look at the poster of the main character...he just looks so damn bizarre. I forgot if he was a lizard or whatnot. There was an eagle and snake in the film who were both drawn better, but yeah for the rest of the characters it was an odd ride.

The story in this one was fair but nothing too interesting. I honestly wasn't impressed much. The animation and music and such were OK but I didn't give a rat's ass about anything going on in the story. It had everything you'd expect of an animated adventure type of story but it was overall very blah. Have you seen Madagascar? If so you'll leave this one with the same feeling you left after watching that one.
Rating - C

Sunday, June 05, 2011

True Grit (Western Drama 2010)

I generally hate anything that the Cohen Brothers release because their movies are so slow, sub-par, and generally very boring. Yeah I'm referring to this pile of horse shit. Anyway, good thing for them, westerns are always pretty slow so if they wanted to put anything artsy into it, it might just work.

This movie wasn't too bad. It wasn't anything amazing but a good number of lines did make me laugh and the main chick was hella annoying which means that she was an OK actress. The story was fair for a western movie. It had a very direct plot with a discernible purpose so that is always a plus. Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon were both pretty good as well. Bridges sure can mumble... But yeah nothing super special about the film but if you like westerns you'll probably like this one. If you don't, be ready for a slow movie.
Rating - B

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Taking It Back: Zombie Survival Series Book 2 by Joseph Talluto (Book 2011)

This book was a continuation of the story from the first. The style and plot were exactly the same which bodes for a novel of this type. It did seem a bit short though, as I was able to clear the book in one evening. Good thing is that there will be a 3rd book coming soon so I can't wait to read that one.

In terms of realism I noticed that the main character keeps on ditching his kid with a babysitter and telling his GF that he has to go off and adventure some more. In the real world I don't think any GF/wife would let their guy go off an adventure unless it had a a direct, immediate benefit. Either that or the GF/wife would want to come along and help. It all depends on personalities of course, but the majority of females I know would definitely not be OK with being left behind.

So the story in this book filled in a few questions that lingered for the main protagonist. At the same time he got to expand to different towns and interact with more people. I believe I mentioned this before in the review of Mr. Talluto's first book, but generally the more people you have, the more drama will come. I'm talking about civil disputes and arguments. That is what would realistically happen but the plot is still convincing even though the author did not go into this at all; good thing too because who wants to listen to a bunch of political bickering?

As one may be able to assess, my opinion on this book and Joseph Talluto's previous novel are both top notch. Good characters, enough action, and an overall pleasant zombie reading experience. Till #3.
Rating - High

Tongues of Serpents by Naomi Novik (Book 2011)

So as other reviewers have stated this was probably the worst book of the series. Even though it started out strong, it is now dragging on in a way that makes the reader very sleepy.

So the main characters are now essentially exiled from England and the rest of their military friends. They were sent to Australia because that is where the convicts from the British Isles went during that period of time. This does not bode well for the series. What makes a story strong has to do a lot with characters' interactions with others. So now since there are no other real strong characters I don't know what Novik can do with the rest of the series.

The plot in this one still had other dragons and characters and such, but by the end of the book everyone else was gone so thus it leaves nothing to be desired in terms of reading the next one. But yeah this book was very slow and boring. The exciting parts weren't all that either because there was not a blatant distinction between right/wrong good/bad. The ending was weird in that the characters were placed in an odd situation where they didn't know if they should obey orders or do what is "right". Anyway as a standalone book it sucked. I think Novak should write the characters back into a plot over in England or just stop writing because the road that Temeraire and Laurence is on doesn't have much brick left.
Rating - Low