Sunday, February 06, 2011

Gunnar PPK Digital Optiks (Random Products)

So during my wanderings through the interwebs I discovered that there were these special glasses from a company called Gunnar that were touted to reduce eyestrain and glare when using a computer and staring at a monitor all day.

I bought the version called PPK because of the measurements. I noticed that if you get glasses that are not wide enough for your face, it makes wearing them very uncomfortable. Although the overall width was correct, the nose area is also an important measurement. These had a length of 20mm whereas my most comfy sunglasses are 17mm. They were still wearable but it just didn't fit all that well. So yeah I would recommend trying on different glasses at some store to see what your measurements are.

I'm sure you're wanting to know if the glasses themselves even worked. Yes and no. The stock glasses have a yellow tint to them so that took some time to get used to. The lenses are also a little bit magnified as well so when you look at something on the screen you actually zoom into it a bit. I used them for a week at work and although the pair did seem to help with eye dryness, it didn't assist with eye fatigue as it was still there.

One additional reason I got these was because I read on their website that you could get prescription lenses ordered. I called the only local dealer in Reno and asked if they could pull it off. They said yes so I gave them the glasses and had prescription lenses ordered. Unfortunately this plan didn't fully work out the way it was supposed to. The store called me back asking all sorts of questions pertaining to plastic vs polycarbonate, tinted vs none, or anti-glare vs none. All of this was confusing because I was under the impression that the lenses were supposed to be "Gunnar" ones which would already have all of these features; you're not really supposed to have a choice. Long story short I had to cancel my order because the lenses supposedly would've cost around $200 which was more than double the price of the glasses themselves; and this was with insurance too!

I also emailed Gunnar asking if I could directly get prescription lenses through them. They sent me an order form that seemed to be created by a 7 year old as it left a bunch of unanswered questions about payment, shipping, etc. I emailed and called them inquiring as to how the form was to be filled out but they never returned any of my attempts at contact. So yeah this company can go to hell.

All in all my whole experience with this company and getting prescription lenses left me with a very bad taste. If they ever get a competitor I'll definitely go that route. I'll also know for future reference that nose measurements are very important.