Monday, January 31, 2011

White Flag of the Dead: Zombie Survival Series by Joseph Talluto (Book 2010)

Wow, excellent read. This is one of those that you just can't put down until you finish it. After going through my share of zombie books, I've finally found one that gets close to being on par with Day by Day and World War Z.

The story in this one is exactly what I wanted to read. Zombie apoc starts, a regular guy has to get his shit together, prepare, and do what he needs in order to save himself and his family. The catch is that he has a baby son with him...that's something new to the genre as dealing with a baby, their naps, the crying, diapers and such adds a whole different dimension of difficulty to the task. Convenient thing is that the main character's baby was pretty well-behaved. I personally know some babies who would've been loud homing beacons.

Although the plot is very good, I did spy two issues. The first was that quite a few words were misspelled...probably around 5 to 10, and I'm not even a careful reader. That's a lot for a regular published book, so the author needs at least one additional reader to do a once-over, but that's an easy fix. The second issue has to do with the accessory characters. In the story the main character does meet up with others and starts traveling in a group. Later that group gets larger and larger but the amount of drama does not increase in a linear fashion. Although it's always nice to see everyone get along, I thought that the characters were a little too amicable.

When you put males in a stressful situation, especially if they are directly responsible for their own, they are more likely to want to do things their way and not totally accept a 3rd string position. I think if the author integrated more realistic personalities into the story, it would make the whole thing flow better. The story did have two bad apple characters, but having more of a variety is always better. I believe the point I'm trying to make is that I remembered only 3 characters. Others have to have their own distinct personalities or else they end up as background noise.

But yeah other than those two minor issues, this book is exactly what an adventure zombie book is supposed to be. The writing style is a little simpler than Day by Day, but it's still a great read. Good thing is that this is the first in a series so I'll definitely be buying anything else that this author pumps out.
Rating - High