Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tuff 5-in-Line Pistol Magazine Pouch

So after going down the pistol route, I spent forever looking for a product just like this. Usually pistol mag pouches only come in 2s and 3s, but rarely any more than that. Wanting to get the most for my money, I Googled the hell out of it and found this 5-slot pouch. While searching I also found numerous other pistol pouches that had more than 5 slots but these were for competition shooting and was literally that, a pouch. It had no MOLLE attachments or even belt loops; this Tuff item had both.

I've gone out and used it once as just a belt attachment and I have to say that it works perfectly and was exactly what I was needing. 6 mags, I believe, is a good even number so one in the pistol and 5 on standby is enough for any outing. It's easy to get the mags in and out and they fit snugly. My only reservation is that when you insert a mag, it hits the nylon at a 45 degree angle which might create a hole over time. I might try to put some cotton material down each slot to avoid any undue wear by making the pouch a rectangle, but this design flaw is of concern. I'm sure it was made like this to cater to the many types of double-stack mags out there.

So yeah overall I'm very happy with the purchase. I got it from LAPoliceGear when they had their Christmas 15% off sale. Other places that have'em are MidwayUSA and direct from Tuff.

MOLLE attachments
Belt Loops
Holds 5 mags as a single unit
Removable Velcro flap

Bottom nylon + stitched angle prone to wear
Even with 15% off, still a bit pricey