Sunday, January 09, 2011

Never Let Me Go (Drama 2010)

So this movie was kinda slow and depressing. I wonder who writes these numbing stories? The movie is about a group of kids who get raised at a "special" school. The special part of it is that the school essentially raises kids up through adulthood so that their organs can be used for other people. It's sorta like The Island just without the secrecy.

Yeah the main question that I had about this movie was that if you knew that your life was that of a donor and you were trying to extend that life, wouldn't you just run away? The plot had a few parts that showed how some of these peeps wanted to be with one another and not die for a few more years, but each time they just voluntarily sat on the cutting board. Personally I think human nature would kick in and survival and self-worth would come into play vs. that of just allowing yourself to get harvested.

So this rating is not saying that it's a bad movie. It was very well done in terms of a slow, English film. But it just didn't have much of a point when the main premise of the movie could be bypassed if the peeps just ran away.
Rating - C