Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Action 2010)

Yeah this one was a typical Disney action flick. You have a weak protagonist who has a hidden, badass ability who ends up saving the world and getting the girl. Besides the occasional animated film and "sport" movie, this type of movie is what Disney does best.

It was not very memorable at all but it wasn't a bad movie either; just very predictable. Special effects were OK but nothing too new. The main character was played by Jay Baruchel, the guy who voiced the character of Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon. So at least some good memories came from that.
Rating - C

Monday, November 22, 2010

The American (Drama 2010)

Well this movie was slow and boring. It's one thing to take a Clooney movie and have it be long as well as good, but it's completely something different to make a long-ass movie and have it abruptly end without no real conclusion.

Yeah the film did all this build-up and then it just flopped and gave up. Other films like Michael Clayton also did the same build-up but there was a purpose behind it all. God-fucking-awful waste of time here.
Rating - D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Google Voice

Google Voice (GV) has been released for a while now, and around the same time I upgraded to an Android phone so I was able to test out the service. Here is a short version of what it's all about.

First thing is that you can get a real phone number of your choosing. Some area codes like Manhattan have all been taken, but almost everything else is still available. I took a 202 DC number just because I heard that it was a coveted area code. Anyway, let's move on. On the phone-level Google Voice can take over VM service, texting service, and dialing.

You can dial out with your GV number displayed by caller ID either from your computer or from your cell phone. The computer method is's more/less like Skype, but with the cell phone method there is a very noticeable lag while speaking. I used this service for a week but then I switched back to my regular number through at&t. For now GV calls from your computer to any US or Canadian number is free. I don't know if this is indefinite or if it'll change. I remember reading something about how it was only temporary.

VoiceMail (VM)
The highlight of the VM system is that it tries to transcribe messages and emails them to you. While using it I didn't really notice much of any bonus vs that of regular VM. The only time I can see that this would be useful is if you were out of the country and you still wanted to hear messages assuming that you had an Internet connection.

Text Messaging (TXT)
This feature is the only feature that I still currently use. In a word: it's free. Yup assuming that you have unlimited data on your cell service, you can send unlimited free texts from your phone using the app or from your computer. The only downside is that you have to tell your friends to only txt you on your GV number. So now it's sorta weird how I can receive calls on both numbers but I can only receive txts via my GV number. I canceled my $5 for 200 messages feature and am now riding free.

So yeah GV is a nice addition to the world, but it'll only benefit some. It would totally benefit those who had no cell phone service and only a laptop though... Most people are already used to their service and GV does not have enough bonuses to convince a regular person to make the "switch". Perhaps if VM service cost extra or something then maybe.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

True Legend (Foreign Chinese Action 2010)

Yeah so this movie was about the Kung-Fu master who developed the art of Drunken Boxing. This, unfortunately, was one of the crappier Chinese films I've seen of late. Usually they are OK but this one was not very good at all.

Some of the special effects were OK but nothing too impressive. Michelle Yeoh only made a cameo appearance and was barely in it. I never liked this style of always seemed way too concentrated in the whole acting drunk thing and not enough on the actual fighting.
Rating - D

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Red (Action 2010)

Well this movie started out OK, but then towards the middle and through to the end, it became a pseudo-slapstick comedy action that had an odd place in the movie world.

Yeah the beginning had potentional but that was about it. Everything after the intro of Bruce Willis' character went downhill. It wasn't a bad movie per se, but it really wasn't that good either. I wouldn't rent it but would watch it at a friend's house for free.
Rating - C