Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fuck Charter

So I come home to no Internet and a very weird orange blinking light on my cable modem. After speaking with India on 2 calls, I wandered outside to see if something was up with that junction box where the coaxial cables go into. Low and behold there is a tag on my doorknob that said that there was some audit and some asshole Charter tech came by and shut off my service because he was under the impression that I was getting TV service unpaid. Well...I've never had Charter TV service, only Internet so I don't know what gave them that idea. I then had to call India back again and yell at one bitch so that she could transfer me to her manager who had some accent from somewhere but spoke English well enough. I explained the issue to him and yeah now I get to waste tomorrow's lunchtime to come back home and camp out to make sure the Charter tech fuck can set my shit back up. I really don't know how some people have self control when they find out about these things because I am quite sure that if there was a Charter tech somewhere in the vicinity, there would've been an altercation involving sticks, rocks, and his car. Either way...fuck Charter...fuck them to hell and back...but I'm not going to downgrade to DSL or Clearwire either so choice right?

Update: So a tech arrived on time today and was very cool in setting me back up. He stated that there was a roaming band of audit peeps who screw with peoples' connections all the time. Sometimes they grab baddies who are stealing cable but other times, like in my situation, they fuck over paying customers. Either way I'm more calm now that I'm using real Internet and not some slow-ass USB Verizon data card that I had to borrow from work last night...