Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aftershocks (Foreign Chinese Drama 2010)

This was an OK foreign flick. It was about a fictional family who survived through a large Earthquake in North-East China back in the 70s. Lots of drama took place after the event so the plot followed around the characters as they went on with their lives.

It was a good movie for a Chinese one, but they still don't have the music down. The acting and emotional scenes were pretty good, but yeah for the rest they still have a way to go.

One scene was set in the time frame of the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake. It was kinda false in that it showed a bunch of helicopters flying in to help out with the situation. BS. When that earthquake first happened I never saw any hint of helicopters on TV or in any pics while in-country. It took forever and a day for them to get peeps out there. Aid and rescue workers flew in and went over land by foot or bus. The country did not have a robust-enough airforce in place to handle the situation. So that whole addition just added to the patriotic nature of the film.
Rating - B