Friday, July 23, 2010

iPhone 4 Quick Look

So I was generous enough to let wifey have my reduced-price upgrade to an iPhone 4 and now we have one in the fam. My first thoughts are that it is a pretty nice device. The squareish as opposed to a rounded one is better on the hands. I'm not sure why either. The display is a night/day difference between my work iPhone 3G. Very crisp and very clear. You can also tell that it has a faster processor because everything from typing to jumping around to different apps produces zero hiccups from what I've seen. The front LED for pictures is very bright too so that is definitely a plus. Taking pictures is noticeably faster on the 4 also.

I'm still very anti-apple, so I probably won't get one for myself, but it is a neat toy to look at.

Update: Last night we tested out the Facetime feature with a good friend of mine in NYC. Wow is all I can say...very impressive. If an Android phone doesn't come out with that same capability by the time I can use our 2nd number's upgrade, I may have to rethink things.