Sunday, July 25, 2010

Inception (Action Drama 2010)

If you want to see the brainfuck movie of the year, this one will be it. The story kinda made sense most of the time, but then many little details sprang up which totally did not click which makes you question the story some more. The writer/director Christopher Nolan, is either a genius, nuts, or a little of both. I don't know how a person could think of a concept this confusing and then manage to pump it out on screen. But then again he did The Prestige which I loved and also Memento which I hated.

Either way the movie was all over the place with dreams, time, reality, and the mind's interpretations of it all. My brain was working overtime to decipher it all but there were still a lot of holes that didn't make sense. It reminded me a lot of the computer science concept of recursion. I remember getting an assignment relating to recursion and knowing that it was a concept where my brain could just not handle. As for this film I'm sure I'll have to discuss it with peeps to get their take.

Nobody can't dispute the fact that it was very well done and well acted, so for that I'll rate it high, but it doesn't mean that I understood the whole thing.
Rating - A