Wednesday, June 30, 2010

24 Hour Fitness = Shady

It feels so good when you are right. Yeah I'm talking about gyms and how unless you have a very set schedule, you will go a few times per week for a month or so and then you'll quit. People are inherently lazy and everyone has to make an effort to get off their ass to go work out. The only time I've been able to do this is if I had a set schedule. When I lived down in AZ, that's what I did. Every day after work I would drop off my things at home, change, go work out, then went to find dinner. If you don't have a set schedule, it'll never get done.

Included in this blurb is the fact that people won't work out in their homes either because home = a relaxing nest. We already have to spend all day at work so it's just natural to not want to work out at home because it is not an optimal location to partake in such tasks. So yeah, it's more reason why people buy workout equipment for their home and then after a few weeks the stuff will just sit there and act as a coat repository.

So yeah what does this have to do with 24 Hour Fitness? It's the fact that wifey wanted to get a membership even though I knew that it would not last long and that the company would try to screw you in some way when you decided to quit. And I was right. When we went in to cancel the membership they had some sort of 30 days notification policy where if you did not give them notice, they would charge you for the next month anyway. So that makes it so that you can't just make a decision and quit...they need to get the last word in by directly taking from your wallet. So yeah, I knew something like this would happen, but here it is in real life. Fuck Them!