Monday, May 31, 2010

Vacation in China

So for the last 2 weeks I've been back in China visiting in-laws and having a wedding banquet for wifey's side of the family. Of course I got to experience the wonderful world of the Great Firewall of China again. Bastards blocked everything from Youtube, Blogger, Facebook, Dropbox, and a few work-related sites. So because of this I was unable to update anything as well as being unable to assist in work-related stuff during my downtime here. I did get to read a bunch of books through Mr. Kindle so that was nice.

A few things I noticed this time around:

1) Humidity sucks ass....royally. I can't understand how people can deal with 80 degree weather combined with 90-100% humidity. It is so uncomfortable that it is very close to unlivable. All my years in Arizona were nothing compared to one day wandering around in humid weather. Fuck a bunch of that.

2) My In-Laws got a Honda Fit so I got to take a peeksee in comparison with mine. It had a sunroof which isn't an option in the 09 US version and the rear brakes are disc which are also not an option. The HUD is orange instead of blue and the AC/Internal Circulation/Rear Defroster buttons are of a different shape. Other than that it's the same car and felt the same.

3) Of all of the traffic laws that are not obeyed, at least in my wife's hometown, they have it setup throughout the city where if you cross this magical white line i.e. stop too late, your picture will be taken and you will be sent a 200 RMB bill. Odd hu? Only a handful of cities I know of in the US do this and they only take your pic if you run a red light or a stop sign, not if you accidentally stop too late. Yeah I got to drive around and it was chaos. Little scooters and 3-wheel carts not obeying traffic laws and wandering all over the place. That and all of the pedestrians don't give hoot either and will walk right in front of your car with no worry in the world. Nuts.

4) The damn fireworks that go off at any hour of the night or day. No laws on this of course and these aren't single bottle's the ones that have 50 M100s stacked together in a huge doughnut-shaped disc.

Other than that China has not changed...prices seemed to be the same for goods and services, it was still polluted, it still smelled, the water was still undrinkable from the tap, and yeah, there were still millions of people all over the place.

It's damn good to be back home.