Sunday, May 30, 2010

Supervirus by Andrew W. Mitchell (Book 2010)

This book was pretty decent also. It was about an A.I. program that became self-aware...very Skynetish. The bad thing was that when it tried to describe a bunch of stuff pertaining to the IT and programming side of things, it just didn't make sense to me how the original program became self-aware or how it manipulated its own code to become a super-powerful system.

The story kinda just put down that the program was linked to an email address, then it got spam, then it got sent to some SPAM site via a link, and then it got a virus. From there is gets all spacey of how the program reverse-engineered the virus and then used its code to send out messages on its own to learn from the responses.

Anyway if you look past that and just concentrate on the fact that the A.I. devours knowledge as if it was an assimilating Borg, then yes the rest of the story would fly. Even though there were holes in the plot, it was still an interesting read.
Rating - Mid