Sunday, May 30, 2010

Starstrikers by Ken McConnell (Book 2008)

This book was pretty good for a 'unknown' sci-fi story. If the author adds more books and makes this into a series, I'll surely be on board to read 'em.
The plot is very Halo-like or Space Above and Beyond-like in that there is another space-fairing race that has soldiers and spaceships and are bent on conquest. The human faction is also on par technology-wise and are on the other side of the war. The plot follows around a group of special ops soldiers as they make on missions to assist in the war. Yes, all a very good premise for a video game.

It has a fairly striaghtforward landscape and the author does a great job in melding a story from the environment. Characters are well-rounded and developed, action is intense and described in detail, and everything else is more than decent.

All in all it was a damn good buy for $.99. I do hope that the author tries to write another book to continue on with this series.
Rating - High