Monday, May 31, 2010

The Starcraft Archive: An Anthology (Book 2007)

Liberty's Crusade (By Jeff Grubb)
This first book was pretty good. It pretty much went through the whole storyline of the original Starcraft without the expansion. It had good detail, interesting characters, and kept up the momentum. It's funny because I remember tidbits of the game when I played it back in HS and some dialog invoked some happy memories of getting my ass handed to me by the A.I. I still don't know how people can effectively play Protoss though. Anyway...good first book in the anthology.
Rating - High

Shadow of the Xel'Naga (By Gabriel Mesta)
This next book in the series was interesting. All of the reviews online pretty much said that this was God-awful and not worth reading but I didn't think that at all. It was very average and written in a simplistic manner. It was a little easy in terms of the difficulty of the writing style, so perhaps that is why other peeps did not enjoy it. I viewed it as a short story of sorts and didn't try to gleam anything more from it. So yeah when you go into it and not expect literary wonder, then it's decent.
Rating - Mid

Speed of Darkness (By Tracy Hickman)
This 3rd book was really good. There is indeed a stark difference between this book and the others that are a part of this anthology. Hickman is also one of the authors behind the Dragonlance series which I know and love so I knew he would not disappoint. Every part of this book was great from the action to the character development, to the main story. It is definitely the best out of the four.
Rating - High

Uprising (By Micky Neilson)
This last book was also pretty good. It went into more detail as to some background information that was left out of the first book. It was still not as good as Hickman's story but it was still informative enough.
Rating - High

Overall the whole Anthology was a good read. It got me back up to speed concerning the whole Starcraft story just in time for the July 27th release date of Starcraft II. I would've still liked it to be cheaper than it was but yeah...when you want to read it in digital format you don't have too many choices to go on.
Overall Rating - High