Friday, April 09, 2010

This Is It (Musical Documentary 2009)

This movie can barely be considered a documentary. In reality it can't be because there was practically no talking in it, unless there is such a thing called a visual documentary.

This "movie" reminded me of DVDs that have back-stage film of a set while shooting some movie. You know, the type that has the director blah blahing and actors making quirky comments to the camera. This was probably why all of this footage was being collected. But yeah the film felt like the people who were going to put together MJ's concert tour wanted their money's worth even though he had died, so they quickly decided to smush all of this footage together to try to recreate for the audience how the show would've looked like. I'm sure they still lost a shitload of money.

I've never been to a super long concert minus that one time going to Metalica. I have to say I enjoy listing and dancing to music in my own house or maybe at some club. Actually going to a concert doesn't seem all too fun. Anyway, the show would've been OK for normal people. Maybe more than OK for the die-hard fans. Kinda sucks that he died but seriously...everyone still remembered him as being the dude who slept with kids and had questionable interactions with them even though he was found not guilty. He was a good dancer and entertainer though.

One humorous thing I discovered was that in the song Smooth Criminal, the lyric is actually "Annie are you OK"...for all of my life...and I mean all of it...I thought that the phrase was "Eddie are you OK." Geez, I'm lucky nobody was around to call me on that.
Rating - C