Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shutter Island (Mystery Drama 2010)

Well this movie wasn't too bad. It was a tad long but overall OK. DiCaprio is still what I consider to be a pretty good actor. I know some peeps would disagree with me but I think he has definitely earned his stripes over the years.

The film wasn't suspenseful or creepy although the trailer made it seem like it would. There were just a bunch of flashback scenes that were both a good and bad thing. I think there was one too many to be honest. Towards the end it kinda got a little predictable but the main ending was a pretty decent one.
Rating - B

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brothers (Drama 2009)

This was actually a pretty good movie. The acting by all of the main characters was superb. This film was all about facial expressions and acting skills. As opposed to most films, action and other superfluous fluff was replaced with scenes that all mattered. I can't really think of one scene that was unnecessary or did not bring some sort of value to the plot.

The film was fairly down to earth in wardrobe, daily rituals of the characters, and even the 2 kiddies playing. Scenes that could've been easily overdramatized weren't, so I think everyone did a great job in putting it together. Too bad this one didn't get more press.
Rating - A

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (Fantasy Adventure 2010)

Yes well now I believe I have reached a point in my movie-watching career where I can't stand adolescent films. This one's demographic would be right around the Jr. HS and HS age; way too lame for me.

Yeah the movie was paced almost exactly like a film from the Narnia series. It was slow, failed in its attempt to have character development, and was just so damn boring. Even as just background noise I had a problem watching this one. Everything was so predictable and mold-like. As you can tell they made the title extra long just in case this movie made it big so a sequel could follow it up. I sure hope that bad idea does not come to pass.
Rating - D

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Moon (Romance Drama 2009)

Geez talk about an emoting adolescent. This movie was pretty much like the first, with the main chick, Kristen Stewart, having countless scenes of her having her mouth half open and the camera swooning around her. When is someone going to shove a sandwich in there to fill in the gap?

Yeah instead of all of the vampire romance, this one had the main chick totally leading on the werewolf guy, except he's not a real werewolf, just a dude that can change into a wolf. I enjoyed the bi-pedal ones from Underworld much more.

Other than the annoying chick, the movie wasn't all that bad from the movie standpoint. It just gets tiring watching a guy like a girl but the girl doesn't put out because she is too interested in someone else who is not even around. I'm sure that's the story of many-a-guys out there. One thing I've learned from my time is that if a chick does not immediately take the bait, startup that outboard motor and go fishing someplace else cuz that shit ain't gonna happen...and even if it does, it sure as hell won't last.
Rating - B

Daybreakers (Sci-Fi Action 2009)

This vampire flick was O.K.. I think the story itself was more interesting than most that have come out of late. I'm pretty sure the whole futuristic feeling to it all was the most appealing attribute.

Even though the background story was nice, the execution and plot were a bit lacking. Why am I not surprised? Yeah the plot could've been better written, so instead of something good, it was replaced with something just mediocre.

It's worth a watch, just to see vamps with wings or to see a different take on the undead that we all know and enjoy.
Rating - C

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Dante's Inferno (Animated 2010)

So this movie is the Anime version of the game that recently got released for the console. Compared to other Anime flicks, the gore and violence was pretty much on-par, but the dialog was definitely shittier. I many times can you hear the term "my beloved Beatrice". The main character said it before every kill it seemed. Yeah super-annoying when you add up everyone that he killed throughout the film.

There really wasn't much of a plot as it really did seem like it was a video game story. The guy kept on going deeper into Hell and killing a boss-like person prior to proceeding to the next level. After a while it was the same old thing over and over again, so I got bored fast.
Rating - D

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Fourth Kind (Sci-Fi Thriller 2009)

It has been a while since a "true story" alien flick has graced the movie screens. I think the last one was Fire in the Sky back in 1993. Well this one had Milla in it so that's a good eye-candy start, but the rest of the film kinda flopped.

The story supposedly copied real interviews by real people from some town in Alaska. If you Google every portion of this film you'll find out that it was fake in almost every way. Too bad because some parts were actually pretty intense.

If everything was real, in terms of the original tapes, then this would've been rated higher, but since there is no corroboration of evidence, this is just fiction and as such, not all that good. One scene did scare the bejesus out of me though...make sure the volume plenty loud and you'll know when I mean.
Rating - C

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Vampire Wars: The Von Carstein Trilogy by Steven Savile (Book 2008)

Man what a mistake. I thought that I would give it a go to read a fantasy book from a series that was not a subset of the D&D world. I've played Warhammer Online and this book existed in the same world so one would think that the similarity would rub off some of the more shining portions of the lore...I was wrong.

Put simply, I couldn't even finish this book because it was written so poorly. 1-3 chapters were about a few characters and before you know it they were killed off without even a warning. The next few chapters pretty much followed the same equation before the characters were made into vampires or just killed off too. In the first few hundred pages there were so many characters whose personalities were made into mush the second they were turned into an undead zombie or just a psycho, blood-lusting vampire. Like why even try to build up a character when you just turn them into a stereotypical evil character? Pointless I tell ya.

Considering that the whole book is around 800 pages, fuck a whole bunch of that. Totally and utterly not worth my time. I'd rather read about the local news.
Rating - Low

Monday, March 01, 2010

The Hangover (Comedy 2009)

This movie was pretty funny and just as crude as some of the better comedies out there. The bearded character was too fake but the others made up for it. The bitch GF and the pics at the end made it worth one watch but other comedies are more funny.
Rating - B