Friday, February 26, 2010

Precious (Drama 2009) this movie was about this chick who was having her 2nd baby, had a crazy mom who abused her, was illiterate and not very smart, and overall just had a shitty life.

So yeah instead of aborting the baby, she has it and begins down the road of welfare and unemployment. One thing I learned from this movie was that welfare actually people can go down to some office and say that they have no job and I guess the government will give them money? Enough to kinda live on? Odd...I really didn't believe this actually existed. From the story supposedly you can be on welfare more/less forever because it did not seem like the mom in this film was going to be employed anytime soon. So yeah I'm all about lending a hand but seriously...if I were to setup some plan like that, you would have to pay all that money back after you got a job. But yeah back to the movie.

I really didn't see what the big deal was, I mean this film being endorsed by Oprah and all. The main chick had a shitty life, no doubt about that, and she was trying to get better by going to school for her GED and to learn how to read...but seriously those babies? Really? Like it doesn't matter if she had a free ride to a real college or whatnot...she's fucked because of those babies, her lack of money, and her inability to get a real job because she is uneducated, untalented, and has no experience. So what will happen at the end of the movie? Get welfare and live off the system for life? Minus those babies a person can go to school and get some sort of job to get by. With even one baby all that changes because that shit is expensive.
Rating - C