Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day by Day Armageddon by J. L. Bourne (Book 2009)

This was probably the fastest I've ever finished a book, but it wasn't as long as I would've wanted it to be. In a one-liner, the book was great. It had an engrossing story, a solid main character, and enough realistic events happen to make you think that it all could've been written from a real account. The ending was a tad sudden but that's because there will be a second book released in due time. Yay.

The story followed around one survivor of a zombie apocalypse as he went on trying to stay alive and to find others who were in the same boat. It was formatted as journal entries so that made it a tad more reading through a person's diary. I hope the next book will be a tad longer though...
Rating - High