Sunday, December 06, 2009

2012 (Action Drama 2009)

Well this movie was an anticipated disappointment. It kinda reminded me of Independence Day and how that was supposed to be epic in terms of special effects, but then the story was what dropped a turd on the whole thing.

This film indeed had a bunch of CG that was pretty impressive but Chiwetel Ejiofor, the same character from Serenity, was such a damn goody-goody humanitarian it just made me sick.

There was a scene in the end of the movie that had all heads of state from all of the major powers putting a vote to letting additional random refugees onto these ark boats that were supposed to save civilization... Yeah they all voted yes. Yup, bullshit. In real life, people with money don't give a fuck about other people. They would see an increase in population on the boat as less resources for themselves and would've said no. On top of that all of the rich peeps had to pay a billion per head to get a ticket...I'm sure many of them would've called foul. This goes for the wealthy and to all politicians...none of them care about normal people...none of them!

I'm pretty sure that's why this movie didn't get rated very well...if they would've taken a more realistic approach to the situation, at least people would've seen this movie as just another disaster epic, but instead they decided to craptify the story to a point that even the youngest viewer could call bullshit.

But other than that degenerative character flaw from one of the primaries and that God-awful last scene, it was still a fair movie overall.
Rating - C