Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (Romantic Comedy 2009)

This was a free Redbox rental and yes there was nothing else available. As one can expect this movie was yet another bullshit Matthew McConaughey flick. I don't see why he still gets gigs since he always plays the same lame character in all of his romantic comedy flicks. Do chicks really think he's attractive?

There is nothing more to say about this other than its sheer resemblance to all of the other movies in this genre. The female characters are always weak-willed and the guys are always bastards. The plot is usually laughable and the humor is very plain. I can only picture obese, low self-esteem girls with a pint of ice cream plopped in front of their couch watching movies like this. One has to think that it most likely costs more money to make one of these sub-par romantic comedies than what they get back, right? So why do production houses still sponsor this trash?
Rating - D