Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning (Drama 2008)

This movie qualified for an "eh" comment from me. It wasn't all that good even though some reviews had been more towards the positive spectrum.

The film followed around this chick and her family as they kept on making stupid decisions which kept them down and poor. The main chick used to be hot shit in HS but then never really went anywhere from there. The chick's sister was an odd ball who messed up in a lot of places in life. Her son kept on getting kicked out of school for being an invalid, and her father was one of those people who kept on thinking about "get rich quick schemes".

As the trailer showed, the chick decided that they would open up a business to clean up dead peeps even though she had no training or experience. There is your plot outline. The characters were not very smart and sometimes just downright stupid. It's hard to relate to people who make such bad decisions.
Rating - C