Sunday, October 04, 2009

District 9 (Sci-Fi Drama 2009)

Well this film was the first good one of the year. I was surprised at how well-packaged it was in terms of getting the writers' point across.

The movie was about the segregation and isolation of an alien species after their mothership was marooned over a city in South Africa. It showed the corruptibility of corporations, governments, and contractors after it's discovered that most groups are after their part of the pie. It's a good movie because it is a very believable scenario of how things would go down if we did ever meet up with an alien species. We would be astonished at the newbies but then we would pretty much be jealous that they had discovered space travel and such and would do anything to extract technology and weaponry from those more advanced than us. It's kinda sad but that is exactly what any organization would be after.

The weird emotional effect that this movie had concerns xenophobia. It's one thing when you see a movie where a bad guy is beating the shit out of a good guy like in Die Hard or something. But that is completely different from watching someone getting beat down because of race, a deformity, or in this case, their species. This type of hate really gets to people and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because the individual in question is born a certain way and there is really nothing that person can do to change who they are. But yeah this movie took a species and showed how brutal humans could be when they don't think another group is deserving of "human rights". The mass abortion scene via flamethrower was an example of this...I'm sure they could've made it more dramatic, but the execution scenes were equally disturbing.

The special effects were pretty good for not being a big-budget CG one. The mech suit at the end took the cake. This is one film that definitely deserves a had a well thought-out plot and had a pretty direct message in its theme. The end left you hanging though...
Rating - A