Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Public Enemies (Crime Drama 2009)

Even though this film had such stars like Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, it eventually became a fine example of an uninteresting crime movie. You have to realize and not mistaken it for a mobster film which always brings something different to the table. This was about Dillinger, a bank robber, nothing more which = boring.

Yeah this guy's story, his crimes, and the FBI agent who was tasked with hunting him down were all boring entities. I'm surprised they made this movie last more than 30 minutes. Some scenes even "looked" fake as in they were shot using a crappy camera. Pretty piss-poor quality for a movie that was normally funded.

The only good thing were the clothes and the old school cars; everything else I saw was a waste of time.
Rating - D

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bones of the Dragon by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman (Book 2009)

This book is the first one I've read of these two authors that did not have something to do with Krynn and the Dragonlance world. It's a daring move to kinda jump genres, but I'm sure they had to pay the bills right?

Let's get straight to it. This book was not very good and lacked in the grand storytelling that the writers are capable of. The characters were O.K., but the main protagonist was such an immature fucktard that I found myself scoffing at everything that he did. I'm sure the writers did this on purpose so that it would be a precursor to some sort of long evolution of character development as the series continues. The plot was written in a way to essentially force drama to didn't seem natural at all so yeah the end of this book was totally like the end of LOTR or something in that there will be another book to continue on with the story.

I was disappointed. I was hoping for a new series to keep up on but this is definitely not it. I hope the best for the authors for they are capable of so much more...
Rating - Low

Sunshine Cleaning (Drama 2008)

This movie qualified for an "eh" comment from me. It wasn't all that good even though some reviews had been more towards the positive spectrum.

The film followed around this chick and her family as they kept on making stupid decisions which kept them down and poor. The main chick used to be hot shit in HS but then never really went anywhere from there. The chick's sister was an odd ball who messed up in a lot of places in life. Her son kept on getting kicked out of school for being an invalid, and her father was one of those people who kept on thinking about "get rich quick schemes".

As the trailer showed, the chick decided that they would open up a business to clean up dead peeps even though she had no training or experience. There is your plot outline. The characters were not very smart and sometimes just downright stupid. It's hard to relate to people who make such bad decisions.
Rating - C

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Founding of a Republic (Foreign Chinese Drama 2009)

This film was a pseudo propaganda-like one that was released recently to coincide with the commie's 60th anniversary in China. The movie was extremely one-sided. It showed the KMT as a fairly evil political party whileas the CPC was created for the people and run by the people.

Everyone knows that politics = bullshit because there are good and bad sides to each. Why didn't the CPC mention anything about the Cultural Revolution or the Great Leap Forward? Those two events triggered by the government sent millions to their death...much more than single, corrupt political party could've done.

Have the country achieved a lot since 1949? Yes. But there were also many consequences to their policies and leadership. A film like this is just like if we in America made one about our country and our government, showing that it was all sorts of badass with nothing negative worth mentioning. A film like that would be bullshit because we all know how many fucked up things happen here. I dunno....this movie was way too 'positive' for my tastes. Any historical film that wants to have some value and legitimacy to it must be as transparent as possible and have all their facts straight and out in the open. This movie was a pep rally where all the trash was safely stowed under the bed.
Rating - C

Thursday, October 22, 2009

9 (Animated Adventure 2009)

The trailer for this one was on the blah side of things. For a second it was just dark enough to maybe be a Tim Burton flick, but unfortunately the movie didn't even get close to that level of quality.

I honestly don't know why this movie was made. The story was slow and crappy, the characters were robotic and bland, and there was absolutely no defining purpose to it. The CG was decent meaning that some money was fronted for its creation but man....craptacular I say.
Rating - D

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Fantasy Adventure 2009)

This Potter movie was much like the rest, and even though that may be a good thing, it was a little too much of the same. With this one all the kiddies have grown up a bit so there was a bunch of teenage drama between the sexes. Convincing? Kinda...overacting at times though. Ron Weasley will definitely not amount to anything after this series is done. He's just not a good actor.

The story lacked a lot in this film...I remember the book having a bunch more detail and stuff going on. Even the last movie had more stuff than this one. It seemed rushed and not thought out. Hopefully this is not a sign of what's to come. I heard the last book will be split between 2 movies...they better make the most of their time, for it would blow if the series ended without a bang.
Rating - C

Sunday, October 11, 2009

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Action 2009)

This movie is what you'd expect from a remake of an 80's cartoon series except with better visuals and special effects. Story was fair, but catering more towards the youngish teenage crowd. Fight scenes were also O.K., but it didn't have anything that hasn't been done before. I would've liked it more if Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes fought more...I'm sure others would agree with me. Nice design on the swords though.

Like usual they made room for a sequel. I hope they don't. When watching it all you'll be saying is "oh, that has been done before in 'x' movie." That's not a lot to build on.
Rating - C

Sacred 2 (3rd Person RPG PC Game 2008)

This game was supposed to be something that occupied my time prior to the release of Dragon Age, but like some RPGs, the skill breakdown is too focused which thus takes away from the fun.

What I mean by this is that you can start playing one of these games and then a skill tree will appear. Without going online and reading anything extra about the skills, you start picking and choosing and trying things out, but you'll choose many wrong/underpowered skills and thus end up with a shitty character. That makes you restart the game to form a new character from scratch. All of these types of RPGs should have some sort of reset switch where you can respec your character...but no, most don't. This game didn't even have multiple save/load features. It played much like a real RPG where all you can do is save and exit...pretty lame.

Yeah I restarted my character around 6 times and then I was reading a forum where I discovered that I picked wrong again...I was not going to restart a 7th time.

Gameplay was just like Diablo II just with a huge-ass map. There was no story worth reading about. Visuals were good but I had to turn a lot of settings down because my lappy was not able to keep up. It would've been a better game if the skills were configured differently but since it wasn't, no beans here.
Rating - Low

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Action 2009)

This movie was pretty's what action movies are all about right here. Everything made an appearance from the action, embedded comedy, hotties, sick cars, military stuff, fights; pretty much everything. Even though it was a tad longer than an average film it was satisfying to watch the whole way through.

A few scenes that were getting noticeably reused were a few slow-mo scenes with a bunch of AF guys walking and the "romantic" scene with Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf. They weren't bad or nothin' but the same scene with different actors can be found in many of Michael Bay's other films. When people start noticing things like this, that's when you have to change it up or else you'll end up like the Saw series where things get really old.

Another thing worth commenting on is the whole hero mentality of the US military. Yes we do have the greatest technology and weapons for warfare, but it seems way too unrealistic for other countries to not mind at all that a huge US taskforce is having a war on their soil. I think Egypt and China's militaries would've been more involved if not downright pissed off...but again this is a movie.

Even with its small areas of unbelievability, it was still a good movie and currently takes the cake for this year's most satisfying film I've watched.
Rating - B

Sunday, October 04, 2009

District 9 (Sci-Fi Drama 2009)

Well this film was the first good one of the year. I was surprised at how well-packaged it was in terms of getting the writers' point across.

The movie was about the segregation and isolation of an alien species after their mothership was marooned over a city in South Africa. It showed the corruptibility of corporations, governments, and contractors after it's discovered that most groups are after their part of the pie. It's a good movie because it is a very believable scenario of how things would go down if we did ever meet up with an alien species. We would be astonished at the newbies but then we would pretty much be jealous that they had discovered space travel and such and would do anything to extract technology and weaponry from those more advanced than us. It's kinda sad but that is exactly what any organization would be after.

The weird emotional effect that this movie had concerns xenophobia. It's one thing when you see a movie where a bad guy is beating the shit out of a good guy like in Die Hard or something. But that is completely different from watching someone getting beat down because of race, a deformity, or in this case, their species. This type of hate really gets to people and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because the individual in question is born a certain way and there is really nothing that person can do to change who they are. But yeah this movie took a species and showed how brutal humans could be when they don't think another group is deserving of "human rights". The mass abortion scene via flamethrower was an example of this...I'm sure they could've made it more dramatic, but the execution scenes were equally disturbing.

The special effects were pretty good for not being a big-budget CG one. The mech suit at the end took the cake. This is one film that definitely deserves a had a well thought-out plot and had a pretty direct message in its theme. The end left you hanging though...
Rating - A

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Year One (Comedy 2009)

Although quite silly, this film did manage to make me laugh out loud a good number of times. Yeah Michael Cera and his one-liner catch phrases were damn hilarious.

Jack Black on the other hand was not very funny. I don't really know who actually laughs at his stuff because he's totally one of those guys who tries too hard to be "out there" and nonconforming.

The story, of course, was not very good but nobody really watched this for its merit in that department. I found it enjoyable...but more on the stupid side of the word. I was surfing around while watching it so I didn't really have to pay attention much. I don't know how I would've fared if I was forced to sit through everything though.
Rating - B