Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Watchmen (Comic Action 2009)

This movie was definitely not family-friendly. First off the blue guy's wang was hanging out all over the place. Secondly, there were multiple sex scenes that were not even close to PG. I'm all for that of course, but I'm sure there was more than one family that might've taken little Bobby to go see this movie and was forced to walk out.

The special effects were nice and modern while the story was a little odd and had a lot of cult-classic attributes. I didn't really like it though...that's the plain truth of the matter. Perhaps I was wanting to see another Spiderman 2 or Iron Man flick...who knows.

All I'll say is that some will really like it while others will come out with no real change in opinion.
Rating - C

Sunday, August 23, 2009

1932 Russian Tula Hex Mosin Nagant M91/30 Rifle

Yeah so I'm not sure how it happened, but I've gotten into guns as of late. It's a pretty fun hobby where you can learn a bunch of stuff, but it does get expensive if you go shooting a lot.

This rifle is the Russian Mosin Nagant. It was the main battle rifle of the Russians through WWII. Right afterwards semiautomatic carbines came out, mainly the SKS and the AK47 so this rifle became retired from active service.

I liked this gun because it was cheap...like $80 cheap. The ammo was also the cheapest but it's all surplus ammo which I discovered = corrosive. What does this mean? It means that after firing a round, the cartridge leaves this salt-based residue inside of the barrel and near the firing pin which will react with moisture in the air and start producing rust. Yeah all of this information and others relating to metal in general was all unknown to be before getting into this. So yeah you pretty much have to clean the hell out of the gun after shooting it or else rust will form which equals bad.

The gun itself is pretty nice. A lot of features are old school and lets you see kinda the development of modern firearms. It's simple and effective. Shooting this rifle will leave a huge welt on your shoulder so it's highly recommended to buy a rubber buttpad for it.

I ended up selling the gun for three main reasons. The first was the fact that it was so damn heavy. I mean if I didn't have a table to set it on or something to prop up the front of the rifle, it's pretty hard to aim, even at shorter ranges. Because of this, it would never be able to be used as a quick grab gun because I'd probably only be able to shoot everything in its 5 round chamber and I'd be done because my arm would not be able to take it anymore. The second reason is that it's way too long. The full length of it is around 52 inches....that's almost as tall as me, which makes it lacking in portability. The third reason is that if you don't get a repro sniper version which already has a scope built-in, there are no real accessories to make the sights any better. My front sights kept moving around because of the recoil and there were next to no aftermarket parts so thus I was stuck with an inaccurate rifle. I tried to purchase a scout mount for it but it was a useless endeavor because the recoil would knock it loose.

Many others may be drawn to this rifle because of its cheap shooting capabilities, but needing to super clean it after every shooting session is annoying. The other negatives that I have noted drove this decision home.

Cheap to shoot
Cheap to buy

Annoying to clean
Too long
Unreliable sights
$300+ needed to get and mount a real scope
Very few aftermarket parts

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Animated Comedy 2009)

This was a pretty good one. I've always been a fan of Sid the sloth so the Ice Age series usually strikes a pleasant tone with me. The movie is what one would expect from the series. The comedy was light and the story very understandable. No real complaints for a film meant for the youngins.
Rating - B

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Action 2009)

Although not a great film, it was definitely better than Last Stand, which was a piece of shit. This one kinda had a story...some parts were indeed too rushed but at least the beginning was pretty cool.

Acting and special effects were in-line with the rest of the X-Men films so that was good and all. The story was very much tweaked which is a nicer way to say that it was all hosed up. You would've had to have been a comic person to notice it though.

Even though I would feel sorry to whomever watched this in a theater, renting it would be just fine.
Rating - C