Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Duchess (Drama 2008)

You know this movie was pretty good. It was an era-flick...approx late 18th century England. Because of this, most will think of slow-moving dramas films from the 90s like Howards End. Even though there was a lot of talking and such, the characters were pretty interesting even though they were kinda messed up in the head.

The person who deserves props is Keira Knightley though... There was insanely good acting pulled off by her at two specific scenes. She did what Natalie Portman failed to do in V for Vendetta. The rest of the film was what one would expect from this type of drama...nothing too extravagant, next to no action, and a pleasant ending.
Rating - B

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Battle for Haditha (War Drama 2007)

This was a pretty good unknown war flick. You don't see many movies that show the "other side" of the fight but this one did just that. It really didn't choose a side either which was good because a heavily biased film would've been pointless to watch.

The movie displayed the stress of war and how there are good and bad people on each side. Some people turn bad when their emotions get in the way while others are just fucked up extremists. The main theme of the movie was that a lot of innocent civilians get killed in the process of it all which is plain unfortunate. War sucks...I'm sure most peeps know that already.
Rating - B

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Punisher: War Zone (Action 2008)

You know this movie wasn't all that bad. Of course you can only go so far with gun-blazing action flicks, but with enough blood it'll take you the distance. Yeah this film was nothing like The Punisher, which was a piece of shit. This one had a good amount of action, hella amounts of gore, and a no-nonsense main character. They really didn't try too much with the story but then again, who needs it?

This was meant to be an action movie and that's where it delivered. The main villain had me thinking that this was one of the crappy Batman flicks from the 90s, but yeah that was probably the only real downside I saw. If you're a guy and enjoyed Rambo then you might like this one too.
Rating - B

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Diary of the Dead (Horror 2007)

This was another film from Romeo's library of zombie flicks. It's interesting....with a director who has made so many movies of the same genre, you would think that he'd be able to have a decent story with one of 'em. I mean he has the ambiance of a zombie-infested setting and some of the interpersonal interactions that could occur with the surviving human characters, but when it comes to a good plot he's still missing that boat.

This movie was just another zombie flick filled with eccentric guys, one attractive girl, a few killable characters, and a ton of non-head shots. By now isn't it common knowledge that zombies require a head shot in order to kill 'em?

Anyway, it was kinda fun to watch if you really enjoy zombie movies, but it really wasn't that good at all.
Rating - C

Twilight (Drama 2008)

I really don't see what the big deal was with this film. Sure they got a mildly good-looking guy in a Volvo C30 playing the role of the primary heartthrob vampire but that was about it. The girl was kinda ugly and yeah...her acting sucks.

Kristen Stewart should not have a career in acting. 95% of the scenes with her in 'em consisted of her with her mouth half-way open as if she was lost or if someone just called her a bitch and she was flabbergasted. The director kept on doing these circular, rotating camera angles on every frickin' object that she thought was interesting Michael Bay does this too but he does it with style. Catherine Hardwicke has a lot to learn about directing.

I guess there will be 2 more in the series...I'm sure they'll be just as quality as this one.
Rating - C