Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Valkyrie (War Drama 2008)

This film didn't get that much press, but I sure knew about it way before hand. Yeah I know, Cruise is still a Scientologist nutter, but he's also still a half-decent actor.

As most may know this film is about a group of peeps who tried to kill Hitler during the declining years of the war. Obviously they failed, but this movie put a pretty interesting face on the attempt. Yeah Bill Nighy played a German general in the film and in almost every scene with him in it, I was expecting his vampire teeth to protrude out. Goes to show what a good match we was with the part of Viktor.

I enjoyed this movie very much...but then again I do usually enjoy all types of war flicks. I thought everything from the story, costumes, dialogue, and music were spot on. The choice of a few character actors were also very well placed during key sequences. Overall it had a nice, suspenseful feel throughout most of the film and straight-on through the end.
Rating - A