Monday, April 06, 2009

Quantum of Solace (Action 2008)

This Bond movie was only slightly O.K., but it was more-so disappointing than not. There was zero cohesiveness to what was going on on-screen, so even though the action was there, the story wasn't. Casino Royale was so many times better than this movie; way to drop the ball guys.

This one can easily be shoved into the category of "mindless action". It went from one chase/fighting scene to the next with only a few characters sputtering off some dialog here and there. Some scenes were obviously separate "takes" where you could almost feel the camera crew behind the lens, just waiting for their workday to be over. The movie was mildly supposed to build on the story from Casino Royale, but I only saw it as a standalone that wasn't all that stable.

There was no character development with the chick, a few plot scenes weren't even on a believable level, and the location for the last "boss" scene is all that you need to see in order to know that the whole story was a mess. The horrible theme song at the beginning was definitely a foreshadowing of the quality of what was to come.
Rating - C