Thursday, April 16, 2009

Australia (Drama 2008)

This movie was boring. Even having Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman in it didn't really help things out because the story was so uninteresting.

I know almost nothing of Australian history, so even though some might think that the government's intrusion into the lives of aboriginal people is a strong basis for a story, I don't. It's kinda like the Native American Indians in the US and how they got hosed by the US Army in the late 19th century; shit happens when the other side has bigger guns. The historical significance of this background information is just too dry to try to base a story around that.

This movie was supposed to be a moving drama of this rich English lady who goes to Australia and finds herself falling for a roughneck, Australian cowboy, all the while maturing into an independent woman. Later she becomes very motherly towards a mixed aboriginal kid while various parties try to muddle in that relationship. I didn't find any of the on-screen compassion believable. What a dud.
Rating - D