Wednesday, April 01, 2009

500mg of Vitamin C x 30+n = A Bad Time

I have a tendency of overindulging...may that be when I'm fiending ice cream, a pizza, cheesecake, marshmallows, or candy corn. This weekend I was doing my regular rounds at Costco when I spied a huge 500 count container of Vitamin C. It was all orange and said that it was "orange flavored" so me being me, I put it in my cart and checked out. When I got home I opened up the container and was pleasantly surprised when my nose smelled Tang. I ate one, which then turned into 4, then 8... Before I knew it I had brought the whole thing upstairs with me and was eating them like they were popcorn while wandering around the Net. Approximately 2-3 hours later Mr. Tummy gave up the silent battle and I was banished to the bathroom.... WTF, can't a guy have any fun anymore?