Monday, January 12, 2009

Steelseries 3H (Random Product)

I've used and tried out countless headsets/headphones in my life and I always seem to go back to 2 types of standby models, namely the ones that wrap behind the back of your neck and regular Sony earbuds. Almost every other type of headphone sucks pretty bad for one reason or another.

For the heck of it I wanted to try out a newer model of a regular type of headset just to see if any improvements had been made. I chose theses Steelseries 3Hs because they were under $20 and had a retractable microphone. Was it everything I thought it was? Yes. The quality is good as well as the portability of the set. It collapses down to a pretty damn small size and can fit in any bag pocket easily, without taking up a bunch of space. The collapsible microphone was pretty neat too. It does what it's advertised to do. The wires on the device seem fairly robust and feel thicker than usual, so this means that it will probably be able to withstand a good number of accidental jerks before breaking.

For the negative, the headset gets uncomfortable after around 30 minutes of use. I consider my ears to be average or small in size but these headphones squeeze the hell out of my ears and pin them down.

For the money it was a good buy, but they can't be used for long-term gaming or chatting. I would still say that it was worth it but it does have its limitations.